I’m such a chicken

Sixteen whole days ago, I wrote this post and said that I was going to make the hard phone call that afternoon.

Yeah right. I totally lost my nerve and never got it back.

So today I decided to write a letter. Which I just did. But for me, the hard part will be handing it to them. I live life trying to avoid awkward moments and this is sure to be one as I’m pretty sure they aren’t expecting me to hand them a letter and tell them it’s my notice.  Awkwardness terrifies me.

The problem is, I can’t figure out a non-awkward way of quitting anything. I don’t like quitting. I just know I have to. And I know that once I do, I’ll feel a burden lift of my shoulders just like I did when I made the other less hard phone call that I spoke of in that same post.

Why am I so worried about what other people think and why can’t I be more obedient to The One who matters most?

Sheesh. I annoy myself.


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