I could totally go for an Orange Julius right now

C’s been down and out all week with a chest cold and a fever. I think that the fever has finally broken and the child seems pretty normal this morning. Normal except for the horrible sounding chest congestion rattling around. But otherwise, running and playing as usual.

Since it’s Thursday, E is here as well and I find it best to try and load them up as often as possible for a stroll to town in the wagon. They like it, I get a little exercise, and they are usually quiet on the trip.


I had two stops to make uptown (Charmin, that was for you…I thought everyone said “uptown” but I guess not, eh?)

The second stop was to our friendly neighborhood bargain shop for some little Canadian flags for our theme night at Awana this evening. Here’s the good part: She put my purchase in a GAP bag. Does anyone else find this extremly humorous? I mean, I think you may only find it funny if you’ve actually been to Bargain Harley’s because there are certainly NO similarities between the two stores.

I even felt a little awkward walking home with a GAP bag hanging off the wagon handle. If I’m carrying a GAP bag,  I should be in the city dressed in some of my nicer clothes, not wearing sneakers, sipping an Orange Julius and chatting with my sister or some girlfriends.

Then again, it would probably just be a Baby Gap bag…and I’d still be wearing sneakers because who wants sore feet on a shopping trip to the city?

Anyway, you get it though, GAP bag in town here = weird.



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2 responses to “I could totally go for an Orange Julius right now

  1. Yup, a Gap bag is totally out of place at Bargain Har-har’s. And I love that you said ‘sneakers.’ Out in this part of the country, people wouldn’t know what you were talking about. They say lame things like “runners.”

  2. watchthesky

    I was recently shopping with an Orange Julius in hand and some new sneakers on my feet because I started the day off in my boots with those oh-so-high heels and wanted to die by lunchtime because of the pain,but I found some new footwear at Winners. Bonus.

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