I like winning

So maybe I chickened out the other day and I haven’t made that phone call yet. I will. I so will.

But I wanted to tell you that the time I wasted spent last week entering a few hundred contests paid off. I won what I think is a pretty cool prize. It’s a cloth diapering package! And if God blesses us with another baby I am so going to try the new kit. I’m all for the environment…and saving money.

Anyway, props to Our Blessed Arrows for a cool prize and for picking me randomly 🙂 I’m also digging her blog so far from what I’ve read. Visit her and see what you think.

I’m off to play with C who has been barking like a seal since last night. We didn’t get much sleep. Somehow it’s easier not to sleep when they are sick…for a few nights anyway.



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2 responses to “I like winning

  1. A winner has been chosen in my Nest Baby Sling giveaway. Congrats to Jenna!

    For the rest of you- I’ve lost my mind and am offering 25% off all orders placed by November 30 and 15% of all orders placed by December 31, 2007!!!

    Just enter the following code at check out:
    FallYall25 (valid now through 11.30.07)
    FallYall15 (valid 12.01.07 through 12.31.07)

    Thanks so much for taking the time to stop by and enter!

    Ashlee Allen

  2. Thank you so much for visiting my blog last week during the giveaway!

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