It flew away

Anyone remember this post about the bird? Well, I made it through the rest of the summer without hearing “that sound that no one likes to hear” but I didn’t make it through the fall.

I heard it while the girls were having snack. I knew what it was and I didn’t even want to look. But I of course I had to. Yup, there was a little bird on the ground. *Sigh*. Now, I had to hold it together for the sake of the children today but it was hard.

I decided to go assess the situation because regardless, I had to move it somewhere before I took the girls out to play. I grabbed the oven mitts and headed out. This time it was a little different. The bird seemed relaxed, not breathing as heavily as the last victim of our big picture window, and it’s eyes were open. I figured I’d go in and get a shoe box with a nice fluffy cloth and put it in there until I could figure out what was wrong with it.

I said my prayer to God. I figured there were one of three outcomes. It would die, it would have a broken wing and I would nurse it back to health (no really, I would), or it would fly away. I just wanted it to be clearcut.

Anyway, I set it in the box on the ground and went back in to get the girls ready to come out and play. When we got out, I checked on it and it looked pretty good. It was on it’s feet and wide awake but it still hadn’t flown anywhere. I thought maybe I’d tip the box on it’s side in case it wanted to run off to it’s friends or something. Just as I gently did this, it took off and flew to the nearest tree!! Horray!

I’m not sure you can understand how happy this made me. I don’t really know why my heart is all tender when it comes to animals but it is and I’ve accepted that. I was trying to wonder what this little bird was thinking as the big scary human was putting it in a box and then later taking it out of the box. I hope it knew I was trying to help it. I was pretty happy that God let this one go for me. I might be very thankful for the fact the He even looks out for little things like birds, I mean He created them, He must love them too, right? 

Ok, got that out of my system.

On to other things.

We’ve been having some major food battles around here with the 2 year old. We finally buckled down and decided that things needed to change and I would just like to report that it’s working! Horray! There are still times when she decides she wants to fight us at the dinner table but we’ve made a commitment to stick it out and make her stay until she has eaten what we say she should eat.

As a result,  not only is she cleaning her plate, she is trying new things! And not even with a bad attitude. Here are some of the new things she will now eat just within the last week that she wouldn’t even try before. Broccoli (yes, you read right, broccoli) chicken, cheese, and ham. This is good news. Now, if I can only get her sleeping again then everything will be right with our world.

Oh sleep, how I miss you.



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4 responses to “It flew away

  1. Kim

    I’m missing sleep here, too. Although mine finally has nothing to do with a kid! Back pain, and since Hubby is away, I can’t take anything to help me sleep. Cause, you know, since I have to be the adult here, I can’t be knocked out through the night!

    I’m so glad your feathered friend was able to fly away!

  2. watchthesky

    I saw her eat the Broccoli. I did. I was there. 🙂

  3. Good for little C!!! And good for you for sticking to your guns, as hard as it may have been!!

  4. I’m glad the bird ended up being okay.

    I’m finally getting my 6 year old to try new food! Thanks for the motivation to encourage the little ones as well.

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