Another post about what the 2 year old said

Mike was in the basement last night “organizing” things to put at the side of the road for junk day tomorrow. C was in the bath splashing away when we heard Mike sneeze a couple times from the dusty downstairs.

A few moments later C says, giggling, “Oh, Daddy’s blessing the basement!”

I guess if you say ‘bless you’ enough after sneezes, that’s what they become – blessings!



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6 responses to “Another post about what the 2 year old said

  1. watchthesky

    Very cute! 🙂
    Is it really garbage pick up day!?!?! I’m so NOT ready for that!

  2. I think it’s really funny that all of Berwick has the same garbage pickup day :). The next subdivision down has a totally different one from ours. In fact, none of my friends have the same garbage day!

  3. Oh I am so totally homesick right now…I LOVE garbage pick up day! I am so totally not afraid to drive around and look in people’s junk piles and take whatever I want.

  4. heidiheidiheidi

    Too cute for words!

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