I’m ready to drink warm things

I’ve been a bad blogger lately, eh? So much going on, not alot of time for typing. Or a lot of brain cells for that matter. I’ve been unusually tired lately for some reason. And for all of you who are going to say, “maybe you’re pregnant.” I’m not 🙂 I think it’s just a matter of too much going on.

When the end of August neared, I dreaded the fact that fall was just around the corner. I had just gotten used to the heat and sun and wasn’t ready to let it go. But, after we got back from out short trip to PEI, I felt ready to let Autumn in and enjoy the colors and cooler temperatures. We are still waiting for the colors and the cooler temperatures. The weekend was HOT. Although, today with the rain, things are cooling down.

I feel like once the colder weather comes it will force us to slow down. Force us to stay in, drink warm things, and curl up in blankets. I think I fool myself. Let me live in the hopes of that for a minute ok? I think I need to learn to say no. The problem is, I don’t like saying no. Seven and I were talking about this yesterday when we chatted for a moment in her driveway as her little homeschoolers learned about how birds fly. Saying no makes me feel guilty. Especially if I have already said yes and then realize I’ve said yes too many times and booked up a whole week. Shannon’s been talking about this alot at her blog lately and I think she makes alot of sense. About how it affects the family if we do too much out and not enough in with them. I guess I need to learn how to say no in the first place. By nature, I’m always afraid I’m going to miss out on something fun. Maybe that’s a fault of mine.

Anyway, enough of me trying to analyze myself for now. I also spend too much time in my head lately trying to figure myself out. *Sigh*, just when I thought I was getting it all together. I’m not. I guess I shouldn’t be surprised. I think I’ve busied myself on purpose in alot of ways so that I can have an “excuse” for being away from The One I should be closest to. That’s Jesus in case you didn’t get it.

I don’t feel like being any more honest than that today 🙂 Maybe later. If I have time.

PS: I know my previous post was similar in nature but I guess I’m still mulling it all over in my brain.



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2 responses to “I’m ready to drink warm things

  1. I can relate, too. But I don’t know that I want to admit it just yet. But I am busy, busy, even busy serving, so I can’t spend time with Jesus. It started out of hurt, but then getting back became hard, its been so long, I’d be mad at me for neglecting me this long, etc. etc. And it just gets longer and longer. Then things go wrong and I think I shouldn’t pray for help because I didn’t pray when things were good.
    I bet you understand.
    I came here via a comment on Boomama.

  2. happytoknowhim

    I know what you mean about feeling guilty when you say NO to someone or something. I am learning but it is still very hard. I always thought no one would ask me to do something if they didn’t need me to. I could sure get myself into lots of trouble thinking like that.
    Jenn when the beautiful maple leaves turn colour would you take a picture and send it to me. I truly miss those beautiful colours.
    Love reading your posts:)

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