Rest? Peace? Where are you?

I sorta forgot that I sometimes write a post or two here.

It’s been a crazy week or eight. And just when I was all, “Ahhhh, September shall bring rest and peace,” I looked at my calendar to realize I have booked myself pretty solid this month. When will I learn? As a rule I like being busy, but I also like to rest once in awhile. I think once I get us into the routine of things, it’ll be ok. Most of the things I’m doing (moms and tots, homeschool PE class) are things I’ll enjoy and take place during the day so they won’t upset the delicate balance of supper and evening.

Ok, you got me, there is no delicate balance to my suppers.

Anyway, our trip to Prince Edward Island was really nice. C travelled pretty well for the most part and we got to go to the beach and visited some relatives. Not bad for two days.  I was going to try and blog stories from our trip but I honestly can’t remember any of the things that would make a funny post. I really should start writing this stuff down. In case I ever have time to type. I put together a photo journal on Kodak so if you want to see the pics leave me a comment or an email and we’ll talk 🙂

I’m suffering from second-day-tiredness-syndrome again. Some people take the next day directly after they return from a trip to be tired or recover, but not me. I like to let the adrenaline take over for a day and then crash the next. Let’s just say I’m glad I didn’t have to look after anyone elses kiddos today…I was sleepy. C’s been in a super great mood since we got back though. I didn’t know if upsetting her normal routine would affect her much or not. Apparently not. Cool.

Anyway, I’m going to bed early tonight. I have to if I’m going to function tomorrow.

And that is all.


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