The good, the bad, and the Island

So C says to me the other day:

“Mommy, I love you Mommy, so much Mommy, you’re my best fwend Mommy.”

Oh you don’t have to tell me how sweet that is because I’ve already melted over it a few times.

I have to remember lines like that after I hear lines like this screamed at the top of her lungs…in the house… “NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO, IT’S MIIIIIINNNNNE-NUH!” or when she deliberatly runs the other way after being asked to come here. That one boils my blood, people.

In other equally uninteresting news, we’re heading to PEI on Saturday morning for a couple days. It’ll be C’s first trip to the island and having spent most of my family summer vacations there as a child, I’m pretty excited to go. If anyone wants pop in glass bottles or something Island-y let me know by friday night and I’ll bring you home a “PPI” treat.

We’re renting a cottage with mom and dad and their two dogs. There are better scenarios that I can imagine for a peaceful few days vacation that don’t involve dogs at all but, you know, splitting the cost of a waterfront cottage is more budget friendly. So, I can put up with the dogs who will hopefully be tied outside most of the weekend.

One of my mom’s sisters and her two brothers all live on PEI so I imagine some visiting will be in order. Mostly I’m just hoping for one day of decent weather for beach play in the sand and surf. C loves sand and surf. The benefit of having grown up vacationing on the Island is that I’ve seen all the touristy things a gazillion times before and couldn’t care less if we hit them again. Since C is at an age where all that matters is sand, water, and playgrounds, it’ll save us packing too much into our already too short trip.

Maybe something funny will happen while on our little excursion and I can concentrate on some humurous bloggy material for y’all.



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4 responses to “The good, the bad, and the Island

  1. Have a wonderful time!! I guess that means we won’t be seeing you on Sunday. 😦 Hope you have great weather and lots of surf time. And thank you so much for saying you “could-N”T care less”. That’s the way to say it folks. 🙂

  2. Did I miss something with the whole “couldn’t care less” thing?? Hmmmm…

  3. watchthesky

    Most people say ‘could care less’. It’s one of those things I always take note of (I know that’s probably annoying). 🙂 If you ‘could care less’ about something then it means that you do care a bit and then the whole saying kind of loses it’s meaning. But if you say you ‘could-N’T care less’, then you really don’t care at all because your could NOT care any less than you do. Know what I mean? If you listen practically everyone says it wrong. Kind of funny. But now I know that you probably say it right. So you’ve joined the club with the very few that are changing the world with one N’T at a time. 🙂

  4. Ah-ha. Thanks for clearing that up for me. Now I’ll totally notice when someone says it wrong. I’m glad I’m in the club 🙂

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