This is about a missionary I know

In the summer of ’04, I spent three wonderful weeks at Truth for Youth Bible camp as a cousellor and program coordinator. I can’t really explain what an amazing spiritual experience this was for me so I’m not even gonna try because words are not sufficient enough to really tell you how close to Jesus I became during those weeks. I wish I could go back.

At camp, I met a girl we’ll call JB. Oh, and I also met JF who I want to send a shout out to cuz I know she’s reading even though she never comments 🙂 Love Yo!

Anyway, back to JB. She has a heart for the children in “inner city” Halifax that have not likely had a chance to hear the Gospel. So with the help of CSSM, she began a group called Rejoice that same summer after camp was over. JF and I volunteered to come with her that first week to help out and see if we could do some fun things in The Square that might attract children. And then, you know, if they stayed for a Bible story then that would be bonus land for sure.

I have to tell ya, this was out of my comfort zone. I was intimidated by the people that were around. In the Valley, we don’t see many street fights in the middle of the day. We don’t hear too many parents cursing out their children on the street. And we don’t let our kids hang out with perfect strangers a the park…because, ya know, we’re around to see what they’re doing.

But I’ve also never seen so many children who had never heard about Jesus unless it was used in a swearing context.

That first week of bubbles, water balloons, trampoline, and Bible stories turned into many more weeks for JB. It turned in to a full time ministry to those kids.

Yesterday I had the opportunity to help her again. I knew she needed some drivers to get some of those kids from the city to TFY for teen camp this week. When I drove into that parking lot across from the North End Library and saw about 12 teens there with all their gear for camp, it made my heart warm. JB answered God’s call and now what started in a park three years ago with about five kids is four different groups around the city and at least twenty kids that are also experiencing Bible camp.

I tend to think of missionaries as people who are in other countries learning new languages and customs to reach lost souls for Christ. JB went 15 minutes from her home to reach little lost souls. I think she’s pretty cool.


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  1. Kim

    I’m pretty sure I know who JB is–I love her energy and her spirit! My son, who knows her, seems to think she’s pretty cool, too. I know this because I hear him mention her name–alot!!

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