The whole night

She did it. She slept the whole night in her new bed without getting up! I’m still a little shocked, actually.

I was awake when she woke up so I heard her get out of bed and go into the hallway. She came in our room with her blanket, handed it to me and headed back to bed. Then I heard, “Mommy, put my blanket on!” So I did and she played in her bed for another few minutes. It was cute.

I forgot to tell you last night that for the last few weeks, everytime she woke up, she would cry and get really upset until I came to get her. Which she never used to do. That’s sorta what made me think she might be ready to get out of jail bed and into some bed freedom. Maybe I was right?

And maybe soon, I’ll sleep through the night and stop worrying 🙂



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2 responses to “The whole night

  1. Lucky you, ever since we put Alyssa in a big bed, she has crawled in with us in the middle of the night. One more week and our king size bed will be here! Then I won’t mind so much.

  2. Kim

    Yay Chloe for sleeping all night!!!

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