She’s a big girl now

I serioulsy don’t know what happened in the last week. C went from little girl to big girl and I missed it somewhere along the way.

It started last weekend when she decided it was time to put pig tails in her hair after MONTHS of me trying to persuade her how pretty she would be in pigtails. I should have known that this little girl does things on her own time. oh yes she does. So now, everytime we get ready to go anywhere, she says,”Oh, mommy! My pigtails my pigtails!” And gosh darn it, it’s really stinkin cute.


So today, we planned a trip to Walmart since it was raining like it has been in Texas, and on the way stopped at a baby stuff consignment shop type place. I had it in my mind that maybe I could find a reasonably priced toddler bed to store away for sometime. Well, there it was, a gently used Dora toddler bed for a good price. When C saw what it was, she knew it was a big girl bed and there was no waiting until she was ready. In her mind, she was oh so ready for a big girl bed. TODAY.

We set it up while she was taking her last nap in her crib. Which turned out not to be a nap at all. She didn’t sleep. In retrospect I think God looks out for things like that, too.

By the time 7:00pm rolled around she was asking to go to sleep in her new big girl bed. I got a little nervous, I mean, there is nothing keeping her in this bed. She could escape at anytime.

The routine being accomplished and prayers being said, I kissed my big girl good night and tucked her in. She immediatly tried to climb out but I said no and tucked her back in and told her I would sit in the rocking chair beside her for a minute. She settled. Not even two minutes later she was sleeping. I’m not doing any happy dances yet seeing as she could get out of bed at any point if she wakes up but I think the first tuck in was a success.

Um, how did she grow up so fast?



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3 responses to “She’s a big girl now

  1. I loved the big bed stage. They are always so excited when the switch actually takes place. Very cute. Send my congrats to C. 🙂

  2. I’m so scared of the big girl bed stage! I wish I could freeze time exactly how she is right now. 😦

  3. I hope for a good first tuck in for us someday soon, too! I think for the first time, since Gray is my 3rd, I am enjoying every bit of his growing up and am excited for the next steps… of course I’d love to keep him as my baby, but there is so much awesome stuff ahead, too…


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