I was going to

I had big plans this morning to type a quality post while C slept this afternoon. She slept. So did I. It is rare that I sleep during the day. I can probably count the number of day time naps I’ve EVER had on one hand (not counting college naps, those didn’t count). Truly, I’m not a napper. But I had an hour and a half snooze right along with C (and when I say right along with her, I mean at the same time, not the same place, that would never do). I really liked the nap, except for the constant dreaming. What’s with all the dreaming?

Anywho, I feel somewhat more refreshed than I previously did.

But I still don’t have a post. I guess you could call this a post but it’s none too exciting yet. I suppose I was probably just going to write about things like the fact that I am not babysitting full time anymore and I like it. It wasn’t even my decision but I think it might have been one that God made for me. I’m already thanking Him.

And I might have written about the fact that I am going to be doing a moms and tots program at the Town Hall this fall. And they’re going to pay me…just a little but a little is better than none. I think this will be fun and a good chance to get to meet some other moms that I wouldn’t have met randomly. And since C might miss T just a little it could help her find some new friends too. But what will most likely happen more than anything is that we will come down with more colds and flus than any winter previous to this one becuase of all the kids and the toys and the possible contact and the germs. Oh the germs.

I’ll be carrying my Purel hand sanitizer. Oh yes I will.

I probably would have wrote that this is Mike’s last work day before he takes an entire week of vacation! This is big only becuase Mike rarely takes vacation unless it’s to build something and although he’ll be working at finishing some things around here (woohoo!) we are going to do some family things and maybe even go camping for one night. We haven’t taken C camping yet and I’m really curious about how she’s going to handle it. It could be good, it could be bad but it’ll be an adventure and I WILL take pictures.

Then there’s also the topic that one of my bestest friends is moving a good deal across the country tomorrow and maybe I am a little sad. Maybe. But I’m really happy for them so it’s hard to be sad without feeling selfish. I’m just gonna miss her. We have a big history in our five year friendship. Lots of important things have happened to us while we’ve been good friends but I especially love that over the last two years, we have both become the mothers of daughters. It’s just kinda special so get over it. Sheesh. Can’t I be cheesy sometimes? Yes, yes I can. I have a lot of “cheese” in me and I don’t often let it all out.

They’ll be back. Maritimers always come back 🙂

Well, I think C wants to play outside and I need a snack. We’ll be gearing up for the big good-bye party tonight at Shannon’s. We do love a good party but the good-bye part makes it a little bitter sweet.



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5 responses to “I was going to

  1. I love having naps. Nice that you got to have one.
    I don’t love when friends move far away. Sad.
    And yea for not babysitting. I used to- until we decided to move. Love having just my own kids. Hope your mom/ tot thing goes well with few illnesses.

  2. cheryl

    hey Jenn, sorry to be e-mailing this way but I knew it would get to you. Just a reminder my Stampin Up Party is Monday the 20 at 7:00 at Susan’s. If you can make it I need to know if your coming by Sunday. hehehe, I actually had the right date on the invitation I originally gave you, the 19th that we both read was where i requested everyone to let me know by the 19th. How dumb was I? And I even typed it up!

  3. Thanks for bringing the pop tonight, and thanks for coming yourselves. It was a sad kind of get together eh? No fair. Not fun.

  4. Kim

    We left camp and I completely forgot about popping into Shannon’s. Oh! (I’m mentally slapping myself on the forehead)

    Great about the Mom and Tots job!

    Enjoy your week with Mike home. Maybe it’ll be a good week for a trifle date?

  5. I hardly ever nap, but when I do it means I really needed it, so you must have been exhausted! Good luck with the moms and Tots program. A little bit of money is definitely better than nothing. 🙂

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