And then she said…

It wasn’t raining this morning and since we spent the WHOLE day inside yesterday I decided to get C out early in case it got yucky later. We were getting ready to walk up to mom’s when C ran over and gave me a big leg hug, paused, and said, “Mommy, you smell.”

I should have just left well enough alone but I couldn’t resist, what if she said mommy you smell like flowers or cookies or kittens?

But I didn’t.

“What do I smell like C?”

“You smell like dog poop mommy.”

The only comforts I had were the fact that I had just showered an hour previous to this delightful conversation and that I was pretty sure she had never even smelled that before.

We had a quick chat about that fact that you should never say that to people. And then I asked her if she knew what dog poop smelled like…just to make a point. She said no.

Am I in for it or what? 🙂

But if you think I didn’t have a complex this morning, then you are sadly mistaken. Leave it to me to dwell on something like that.


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One response to “And then she said…

  1. Kim

    You didn’t smell like dog poop when I saw you last night! 🙂

    That’s hilarious–you just never know whta’s going to come out when they open up those little mouths!

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