Where does that come from?

Did you ever wonder where the word ‘tired’ came from? I hadn’t until about, oh, ten seconds ago when I was trying to think up a title for this post and all I could think of was, “I’m tired.” Then I was saying it in my head and emphasizing it differently and spelling it and stuff and…

What. You all don’t do that?

What. Ever.

Anyway, do you think it came from like being run over from a large tire? Maybe. Because when I’m real tired, that’s what I feel like don’t you? Like a very large tire has run you down and you are now Tire-d. Complete with treads on your forehead and everything.

I think I’m recovering from VBS last week. I wasn’t tire-d at the time but today people, today I am feeling the effects of whistle blowing AND making sure 5 teams of children play nicely AND said children have a good time AND being creative AND having to sometimes make something up on the spot. All the while slightly worried that my toddler may be raising some kind of ruckus in the nursery class or crying for mommy or that her nose has ran right over the other children thus infecting them with whatever running nose disease that she picked up the first day. Phew!

This morning though, even through the tire-d-ness, I missed it. I missed all the noise and the excitement and the whistle blowing that may have permanently damaged my eardrums. I missed the mid-morning cookies and especially the “leader treat” that Seven made on the last day. Point is, I’m suffering a little withdrawl here.

But, there’s good news!

Kim’s post reminded me that Awana starts in only a few weeks! Horray! This is great because of the small doses (once a week) of whistle blowing, singing, and busy scripture learning. Just as fun, less tire-d-ness.

Oh AWANA, how I’ve missed you.

I just got a phone call. There is someone coming to look at the old Ford we have for sale. Let’s see if I can sell this thing and get it out of my yard. I’ll keep you posted. I know you’ll be on the edge of your seats. Yes, yes you will.



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3 responses to “Where does that come from?

  1. I’m feeling tired today, too. Must be from all the weekend excitement…and from holding my baby all.the.time!!

  2. Kim

    I am so glad that I was there and helping in the nursery class on that last day, so that I, too, could enjoy the “leader treat” that Seven made! So very yummy!!

    I love your definition of tired–I have the tread marks on my forehead today, as well. Course, it may have something to do with the cold that M. and I are sharing right now. 😦

  3. You’re so funny! I enjoy reaing your quirky posts. And yah, I do analize words all the time. What’s with “quirky” anyway?

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