Dear Blog,

How I’ve missed you this week. Everytime I thought I would write you, there just wasn’t enough time, energy, or brain cells. But that doesn’t mean I wasn’t thinking about you, because I was. I thought of all kinds of funny stories and little happenings but I just never got them out before they disappeared into the recesses of my mind never to be seen of again.

I know you probably thought I would write you a book review this week, but blog, I have to tell ya, I just don’t think I have anything. I know, I know, it sounds like a horrible excuse and I’m not gonna try and make it look better. I only read the assigned passage twice and I don’t think I payed attention. Just have to be honest with ya, blog.

You should have seen all the exciting things that happened at VBS this week! Oh, if you had legs (and eyes and ears and…) I know you would have been there to enjoy the festivities because what blog wouldn’t want to join in on all that fun?

And the heat. Oh the heat. Today was especially hot, ya know, for eastern Canada and all. It’s like 40 degrees celcius! That’s hot for here and most us of don’t have air conditioning in our houses. I’m sure you’re feeling the heat here by the patio door, blog.

I, as game director, felt a little guilty about runnin the kids in this heat at VBS game time but they seemed to want to run anyway…well most of them. They got a lil cranky at times but I don’t blame them cuz I may have had a moment or two of heat induced crankiness myself.

I feel like I had so much to tell you, blog, but I fear the tiredness and the aforementioned heat have drained me of any and all creativness in writing…or even thinking that I may have had and so now I will close this entry to you.

love and hugs,




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5 responses to “Dear Blog,

  1. Kim

    You are the best game leader in the whole wide world–and I know it’s true because Mama Puppet said so!! The kids had such a wonderful week! But, ohhh! THEY’RE CRANKY THIS AFTERNOON. 😦

  2. Very cute post, and very creative I would say. But then again, I wouldn’t expect any less from an expert game leader like yourself.

  3. happytoknowhim

    Loved your post. Rest up now for your next adventure whatever it might be:-)

  4. happytoknowhim

    Hey Jenn did you notice I got the picture on my comments page but not on my site page. Can’t figure it out:-( Oh well not the end of the world:-)

  5. This is TOO CUTE! and thank ya for the comment on my food is comfort post~so sorry for ANYONE else who struggles in this way. Yuck.

    You and your friend with your pics are TOO CUTE! LOL! (((((HUGS))))) sandi

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