It’s gonna be a day and a half

This is going to be the busiest weekend. Ever. I had the smart idea that I needed to participate in the Town Wide Yardsale tomorrow. In my head I thought I had tonnes of stuff to sell but upon inspection, it really isn’t that much. Oh don’t get me wrong, there is lots of junk in that basement of ours but alot of it is just that, junk, or it’s stuff I can’t part with (yes, I have a problem). So, I have a few things and I will put out a table and people will mock me and keep walking around the sub for more exciting and interesting yardsales where people actually, you know, SELL their stuff.

I also had it in my head that most of the junk down there was mine. I’m happy to announce that I am not the only pack rat in this little family(which I knew, but now I’m announcing it for good measure). Alot of it belongs to Mike but there is about, oh, a ZERO percent chance that he’ll get rid of it. He likes to keep stuff FOREVER. Sigh.

Most certainly more importantly, our church’s Vacation Bible School starts on Monday so I’m busy preparing for that. I’m the super cool game lady…ok, I’m just the game lady, we’ll see if I’m super cool after the week is over. It stresses me out a little for the simple fact that I might forget something important or not have enough games planned or something totally HORRIFIC like that. Even though I did the job last year with no major mishaps except for the headless plastic lobster.

I’m also working on something that I can’t tell you about.

Don’t you just love that I said that? 🙂

AND I have to do my random draw sometime today and pick a winner. AND I have to make plans to find places for all of the things I am going to win. Not. I never win and even though my hopes are high, I won’t be surprised when no one emails me to tell of my victory in their random drawing.

AND I have to try and find time to do my Book Review of Genesis 20-25 sometime today. I really am going to try and do it. I really am. I’m gonna try. And I’m gonna keep telling myself that until I do it. I could be up pretty late.

AND I have a car today, I think, which means I can take the girls and run some errands to cross a few things off my ever growing list.

AND time is slipping away as I type…there is cat hair to be swiffered, laundry to be started, children to feed, lists to make, and things to worry about so I better motor.

I’ll do my very random drawing a little later.


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  1. I remember the headless lobster. 🙂

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