Good fun

Is it just me or is this give away thing really fun? Oh it so is. Never again will I hit the 90 comment mark…until Rocks does another give away…which she may, which I will prolly participate in, because I’m high on the comments. And very excited to actually send my prize to someone with a little note saying “lets be friends”. If you are looking to find the aforementioned contest, scroll down one time. If you are here to read something because you are tired of looking at the contest then keep reading. Although I have nothing exciting to say, I’m going to type a short while.

I have a ballgame in our home town tonight. So all you that live near this home town that we love, feel free to come cheer on Mrs. S and her team mates. I do love a cheering section which I may have mentioned before. Start time 6:30pm, second field behind-ish the arena.

Our munchkin has a new favorite saying so if you aren’t tired of hearing things that my almost two year old can say then read on. If you are tired of it, stop reading now.

Oh, you’re still here? Good. Anything that is a slight bit bigger than she thinks should be normal she refers to as the, “Big, big, giant…” For instance. A slightly larger leaf than the one she picked up two minutes ago is the big, big, giant leaf. A pool any bigger than a wading pool is a big, big, giant pool. You get the picture. It’s just kinda funny for me. Maybe because I am going to be one of those parents that I totally thought I would never be. You know, the ones who brag about every little thing their child says or does. I might be that parent. If I am, I apologize whole-heartedly. It’s just that my kid is really smart for her age and…teehee, just kidding, I’m done.

Except for one more thing. She said, “wuv you, mom” the other day and gave me a good snuggle. And I didn’t even tell her I loved her first! I may have melted like a Smartie in the dryer when she said that.

Mmmmm, Smarties. I gotta go.



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3 responses to “Good fun

  1. No fair about the ballgame Mrs.S!!! Not wednesday nights. 😦 We’re going to keep trying though. We really do want to come. 🙂

  2. Oh yeah, forgot it was wednesday …next tuesday I have a Berwick one again. I’ll blog about it I’m sure 🙂

  3. See… you are hilarious!
    Made me laugh again.

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