You know it’s only a tantrum when…

…she stops mid-way, because I am ignoring her, to clearly say: “Mommy, I cying. MOMMY, I CYING HE-AH!” (mommy, I’m crying here!)

Yeah, I think she’ll be ok.

I just checked my blog stats – a handy wordpress feature that I enjoy – and it appears the search engine term “nothing but a fool” led someone to my blog. How appropriate.

And oh so accurate.




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2 responses to “You know it’s only a tantrum when…

  1. Kim

    That is hilarious! Chloe’s tantrum, that it, not you being a fool! Cause you’re not, you know!

    I’m hoping to drop that “thing” off to you night, if you’re going to be home. It’ll probably be after D.’s soccer game, so around 8:30 or so.

  2. cheryl

    hi Jenn, I called Susan this morning to ask when your stampin up party was and she said you already had it. I’m sorry I missed it I had planned to give you an order. I even checked your blogs to see when it was but alas there was no mention. I hope you did well!!

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