Sometimes I even surprise myself

Because of this post, we found out that I am compassionate towards animals. It reached a new level today people.

We have a kiddie pool on our patio and at night we cover it with a big ‘ol tarp to keep the leaves and such out. This morning I was looking out the patio door while the girls were eating breakfast and I noticed a June bug (JB) in a little puddle on it’s back on top of the tarp. And for a split second I actually felt bad for it and considered going out to rescue it.

It was a short lived idea and I was surprised that I even felt bad for it for that amount of time.

I don’t believe I’ve ever posted about my dislike of JB’s. Probably because thinking about them makes me cringe and writing a post about them would give me the creeps for sure. So I’ll just say this: Any creature that makes that sort of flitting noise, sticks in your hair, only comes out at night, and weighs as much as a  piece of fruit, has no purpose in my books. Yuck. Ew.

My cat got it off the tarp…I didn’t see what she did with it after that. I bet it involved some crunching though. Eeeewwwwwwww! I have so grossed myself out.

Good news. The Irving store up town has small bottles of Raspberry Gingerale!

I know, I’m obsessed. Get over it 🙂



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5 responses to “Sometimes I even surprise myself

  1. Speaking of dislike of animals, (and the JB is a gross creature that needs to be gone) did you watch the news and see all the mice in China right now. In one village, two billion mice.. That’s right and they have only killed 2 and a half million. Glad I live here or I would shoot myself!

  2. My favourite part of this post was “up town”. I’m working on a Mad Gab 2. I’m adding “up town” to my list.


  3. Jenn, I agree. EWWWWW!

  4. Jenn, I totally agree June Bugs have no place or purpose, they are right up there with mice. I made up my mind to that when I was just a little girl and one got in my hair and totally freaked me out. I wonder if that June bug knows it is July and time for them to depart for another year:)

  5. Bugs in hair are no good! And raspberry gingerale… sounds yummy!!


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