Book Review – Genesis 1-6

Well, for starters, each and every time I began to read, I couldn’t help but start singing the “In the Beginning” song from church. Serioulsy, I tried not to, but it didn’t work.

Anyway, I thought this was such interesting reading! And I have so read the creation story before but not six days in a row. Honestly though, I come out this side of reading with ALOT of questions. I don’t know why becuase it seems straight forward but I guess I’m all question-y this week. So I’ll ask and you answer, ok? Great, thanks 🙂

I guess the first question is: Is the seven days a literal SEVEN days as we know it? Or could it be some different length of time. It would seem that it is seven actual days by NLT because it says: “And evening passed and morning came, marking the first day.” Which would lead one to believe that it’s our length of day. I guess growing up that was one of the questions I had and the answer was always that it could be one day, it could be longer because God’s day could be different than ours. You know, not like it really matters because I know very well God could make whatever He wanted in seven days. Why not? He’s God. He can do whatever He wants. I wonder why He didn’t make it in one day?

Moving on. Next Question: Who was God talking to when He said in Chap 1:26: “Let us make human beings in our image, to be like us.” I’m sure this is a reference to the trinitality of God (I think I just made up a word there) but I don’t remember many places in the Bible that God talks to the other parts of the trinity. Well, I guess Jesus talked to His Father when He was on Earth. I guess I just wondered why he said it that way. Obviously these are things I may only find out in heaven. I guess I just picture one God and not all three of them sitting around talking to eachother in heaven. Someone set me straight if you can, ok?

On that note, I loved remembering that we are created in God’s image. How great is that? I mean, it can help us imagine what God is like and that He wanted us to be like Him. It makes me want to strive harder to achieve that Christ-like goal.

Oh the serpant. Eve was convinced by the tricksy serpant to eat the fruit. I wonder if she had of known what she started would she still have eaten it? Maybe. But my point is, we are given free will to “eat the fruit” or leave it alone. Too many times in my life I have eaten the fruit when the serpant has made it look a-ok. And who knows what kind of reprecussions could come of me doing something I have been told not to do? We don’t know that. What we do know is we have been given a manual by which to live and doing what we’re told not to has to have a punishment. It’s making me think real hard about my choices. Hmmmmm.

Chapter 3, latter part of v. 16 “And you will desire to control your husband,
      but he will rule over you.” Well now, that’s something I had missed before in reading these verses. I certainly do have a problem in that I like to try and control my husband. Can I just tell you that this very morning, I called and told him when he got home I was going to cut up his credit card because he never makes the payment on time? Um, yeah, I don’t think I should have said that. And I don’t think I can control him or his payment making abilites. I, instead, should be helping him by getting it set up online so I can do it. Darn, I’m annoying, eh?

Serioulsy, this review writing gets me EVERY time.

Ok, my next set of questions have to do with all the people that there seems to suddenly be upon the Earth. So, did Adam and Eve’s children marry eachother to make more people or what? Does anyone know this for sure? I know they lived for a LONG time and therefore could have tonnes of children but I don’t get it.

I like the geneology of Adam to Noah. I think that sort of stuff is interesting and can you imagine living that long? Not me. I’d be bored. Does anyone know more about Enoch and the fact that he lived in close fellowship with the Lord and just disappeared? So interesting!

I need some help with this one too: Chapter 6:4 “In those days, and for some time after, giant Nephilites lived on the earth, for whenever the sons of God had intercourse with women, they gave birth to children who became the heroes and famous warriors of ancient times.” Who are the “sons of God” and why are they having intercourse with human women? Where they not human? What is this whole new thing I know nothing about??

I’m so looking forward to reading the other reviews. I peeked and saw that there were already two besides Shannon’s! What an exciting week!



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8 responses to “Book Review – Genesis 1-6

  1. Actually, all I could think about was Aslan “singing” Narnia into existence at the end of The Magician’s Nephew. A beautiful picture of creation, I think.

    But thanks for putting that other song in my head. Fun song, but it does wear one down after a while.

    I believe it to be a literal 24-hour period. The word used for “day” is always used to mean one lteral day. I doubt if anyone questioned that until people started talking about evolution, and then we needed a way to make both “theories” plausible. Of course we know Creation isn’t a theory, and we don’t need to find a way to make it more believable.

    You’re right about the reference to the Trinity. I remember hearing about that at Bible School, but unfortunately at the time it was entirely too doctrinal to be interesting to me so I didn’t really pay attention. Sure wish I had.

    Good points about Eve. I can’t ever get mad at Eve for her stupid choices, because I make the same choices and would have done just what she did.

    I’m pretty sure Adam and Eve’s children married each other. And I think they had lots of children. God said to be fruitful and multiply. And they did.

    I don’t have an answer for the Nephilites. I didn’t get that far this week. I’ve heard lots of wacky theories on the subject, though. And I remember Pastor Gary speaking about it once. I have an idea of my own, but I need to read it a few more times before I’m confident enough to share it.

    Thanks for the questions. I love good, honest questions that make me think (as opposed to questions just for the sake of being contrary).

  2. Ah Seven, you never let me down…thanks 🙂

  3. You made me think and laugh yet again. Great questions, and I guess you got your answers from Charmin. Except for the giant one, I thought that just meant that men were bigger back then because of the different atmosphere before the flood. I don’t have that word ‘Nephilites’ in my Bible. Mine says that ‘the sons of God came in to the daughters of men’, which I just took to mean that man was created in the image of God and then woman was created out of the man. Is that too simple of an explanation? Maybe I’ve totally been mixed up and totally wrong. It’s happened before. 🙂
    “we are given free will to “eat the fruit” or leave it alone.” I’ll be remembering that statement a lot I’m sure as well. Great review Jenn.
    Is was exciting to see the reviews popping up so fast wasn’t it!?

  4. happytoknowhim

    I am also with Charmin . That too was my understanding for the questions you had. I am also not quite sure about the “‘the sons of God came in to the daughters of men’. I know my Pastor taught on this before, but I am not sure I remember enough to comment. Your review caused me to think more on these six (five) chapters that I read this week. I’ll be reading 6-13 this week, because as you can see I didn’t follow directions very well:):) Thanks a bunch.

  5. eric murray

    first darkness and light is literally one 24 hour day. aThere is no way around this.
    Second,when God said, let us make human beings in our image. This is the “Royal we” which is used in many eastern languages, it does not refer to a plural God, but instead one who is to powerful to be described as a sigular. In the same way the royal we is often used to describe kings.
    Third,the commandments not to many close relatives did not exist till later. This was unnessary, because genetic mutations were in there early stages at this point. Today if two syblings were to marry, both having the same genetic mutations from commmon parents, then thier ofspring would be mutated. For more info look up the process of genetic mutations.
    Next, the Hebrew root word for nephalite, means fallen ones, or fallible ones, allthough there are many variations of root words. Some believe these nephalites are the fallen angels that fell with lucifer, which are later chained in hell. Therefore the demons roaming the earth are not fallen angels but there decsendents the nephalites who died physically in the flood but continued to exist in spirit form. Ask your pastor about this theory, I am personally unsure and studying this, at this time.

  6. eric murray

    In support of nephilites,being decsendents of angels. why would sons of seth have any superhuman powers.
    In 1cor 11:16 Paul suggest woman can entice not only men but also angels.
    when Christ said we would be like the angels in heaven after the resurection and would not marry. This does not account for fallen angels,or their abilities only their need not to reproduce because they are eternal.
    Alexandrian text of the scriptures in existance at the time of Christ were translated “angelos” Christ silence of this impies his agreeance.
    Jude 6 refers to Sodom and Gomorah of commiting the same sin as the angels. Fornacating with that which was unnatural. angels>humans, Males>males, or females>females.
    In Genisis 6:9 Noah was perfect in his generation, the Hebrew word used here is the same used to describe the perfect sacrifice of a lamb without physical blemish. This word is does not refer to a spiritual perfection. This implies that all the peoples except (Noah) of the world were contamenaited by the fallen angels.
    The people of Sodom wanted to have sex with angels, that were with Lot implying, their capability to do so.
    The angels Bound in Jude were the ones who commmited fornacation. So it is likely they are to be an example for other angels not to sin in like manner. This text is clear that the sin of sodom was shared by the angels.
    Demons cannot be nephalites all living things were destroyed by the flood,but only the angels that sinned,as stated in Jude were bound.
    When nephilites are found in Caanan, the Isrealites are commanded to destroy them completely. If these are also descedents of fallen angels then God wants a purification to occur, that would prevent a repeat of what happened before the flood. some were allowed to live we do not know what happens to them. live or die later.
    God’s plan to redeem mankind,(not a angelic mixed race) is Christ being a descendant of Adams race.

  7. sissy

    Before the days of man, God created the angels. He made each one of them unique. Some were made powerful. Some were made beautiful. Each one was made with varying traits and skills. Not long after this, the angels began to notice which of them was greater in this or that quality. They were not made like men, who are limited, forgetful, and vary in their abilities and qualities from one day to the next. The minds of the angels are more capable than those of men. They were able to know everyone and remember everyone. They were not fooled by acting or pretense, but were very much able to ascertain who among them was the greatest. It was not long before they acknowledged that Lucifer was supreme among them. He stood in the presence of the Almighty and was brilliant in appearance and demeanor. After some time enjoying this position, Lucifer proposed an interesting question: What really made God so very different than the angels? When the angels looked to God for an answer, He said that His most important characteristics were those which could not be seen. He said that He was loving, merciful, kind, compassionate, forgiving, persevering, and selfless. The angels were curious about what these qualities represented. Despite their great mental abilities, they did not understand these characteristics because heaven was a perfect environment. God explained that it was impossible to know love without sacrifice, or mercy and forgiveness without an offensive act. Perseverance and selflessness could not be observed without struggle, a concept that had never been witnessed in the breadth or width of a plentiful and perfect heaven. At this point, Lucifer decided to do something that had never been done. He challenged God, saying that such characteristics were obviously inconsequential and should not give God the right to govern any more than anyone else. Now, angles were not like men, who waiver in their opinions and require learning to advance their decisions. No, once an angel made a decision, it became part of the angel’s identity. The war had begun. The angels waited to hear the response of the Almighty. Then, before their eyes, a great event began to take place. Underneath heaven, something new began to form. They marveled as creation unfolded, expanding to an amazing size never before imagined. Then God said that like His hidden characteristics, He would form a hidden world, a seemingly insignificant speck among all of creation. On this world He would make a lesser heaven, wherein mistakes, struggles, and imperfection would be possible. He would make a being, lesser than the angels, who would be limited in his abilities and skills. Then a Lion appeared at the center of the great throne in heaven, and in his hand was a scroll sealed with seven seals. The Almighty took the scroll in His hand and said that which could not be known by angels would be discovered by the lesser being. Man would learn the secret characteristics of God. Mankind would know God and reign with Him as God’s children who know Him and have become like Him. He explained that the seven seals represented seven characteristics of God. When a man walked the earth who perfectly displayed the hidden characteristics of God, the seven seals would be opened, bringing an end to rebellion. So God made man, and Lucifer tempted the first parents of all the children of God with his own temptation to make oneself god. Being vulnerable, the parents fell, and Lucifer thought he had ensured that creation would last for all time. When this happened, a third of all of the angels chose to follow Lucifer’s example so that they too could reign in creation. Unrestrained, the fallen angels darkened, becoming demons who sought to dominate creation at any cost. Though mankind sinned against God by failing to perform the task for which they were made, God continued to intervene on their behalf out of mercy, forgiveness, kindness and patience. The angels who remained in heaven were amazed that God did not destroy the rebellious race along with the fallen angels, but God told them to learn patience and great reward would come. He explained that they would learn all of the secret characteristics by watching Him deal with mankind and by observing mankind interact with one another. After quite some time, the angels and demons, who had both been paying attention to God’s interaction with man and the writing of the scriptures, eagerly awaited the appearance of the predicted Christ. However, when Christ was born, they were shocked beyond anything they had ever experienced. The Lion at the center of the throne in heaven left and became an infant on the earth. God had sent Himself. The angles, who had always been interested in superiority could never have imagined that the most superior being would limit Himself by becoming one of these lesser creatures. When Satan saw this, he immediately tried to kill Jesus. This was Satan’s goal from that moment until the crucifixion. Satan believed that, if he killed the Lion, he could reign in heaven and on earth. He and the demons rejoiced when they killed Christ, but they had missed one very small detail: Death was a punishment for rebellion, and Christ never rebelled. When Christ rose from the dead in the flesh, the demons knew that they had been overcome. Humankind had been redeemed, a man had walked the earth in perfection, and the end was going to come. Now the angels, demons, man, and all of creation wait for the decision of the selfless Lamb at the center of the throne to open the scroll and fulfill His promise. They know that each day until that time is another day that more children of God are born, but they wait with eagerness and fear, because they know the seals will be opened and the Lion will come.

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