A song in her heart

Chloe’s new favorite thing is to sing…all the time…anything she can remember. I love it. Lately her favorite songs are Happy Birthday, Zaccheus, If You’re Happy and You Know it (clap your hands), Jesus Love Me, and The Alphabet. But the number one spot goes to Happy Birthday. She sings it ALL. THE. TIME. And she’s been catching on to the words from the church version of the song and I didn’t even know she knew those words. I couldn’t tell what she was saying one day then it hit me that the only word I could understand was “salvation” and I caught on to what she was trying to sing so we’ve been working on it.

Yesterday she began her day with, “Happy Buthday to you, Happy Buthday to you, Happy BUTHDAY dear Go-od, Happy Buthday to you!”

Teehee, she’s so stinkin cute 🙂


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One response to “A song in her heart

  1. Kim

    So cute! Wait until she starts making up her own songs!

    I’ve been smiling every time I remeber her soft little “Goodbye Mrs. Wade” in Greenwood the other day. 🙂

    She is SUCH a cutie!

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