Another post about the softball drama

I’m sure you have all been holding your breath to find out just what happened to my ball team and you also want to know if I found a new team to play on being oh so close to the deadline. Yes, I am sure you want to know.

Well, turns out no one felt the need to show up for most of the games with the team that I had such a hard time deciding to play on. I have to tell you, I wasn’t very disappointed when it folded. Too much drama, not enough ball, and too many people wearing Keith’s beer shirts that suspiciously seemed like a uniform. Was there something they didn’t tell me?

Anyway, I made a couple phone calls and my friend Rhonda made a call to her friend (yes, we are in grade eight) and I have a new team! They play in Berwick which is totally great and they don’t have any beer related sponsors. The first game is tonight, in the Berwick “B” field at 6:30pm. I’m much happier about this team than the other one. I think God even helps work out things like ball teams, too. I can think that if I want 🙂

Mike is bringing the new-to-us car home tonight. Why am I so excited about a car? Maybe beause it’s ours and it actually works. Anyone want to buy a 1995 Ford Escort? It runs…that’s all the good things I can say about it without telling an untruth. Somehow, I want to get that car out of my driveway. There’s nothing more “valley” than having a broken down car or two in your yard. I’m not down with that.

Speaking of valley, one more thing, I had a big ‘ol bowl of fresh strawberries after lunch. Seriously, we wait all winter for strawberry season here and it never lasts long enough but it is SO worth the wait. I do buy California berries (or whoever) at the grocery store over the winter because Chloe will acutally eat strawberries but they DO NOT compare. No offence California but your berries have nothing on ours. Well, they’re bigger but they don’t taste near as good.

And that’s my story. Now go get yourself some raspberry gingerale and a kit kat bar.

Wait, that was last week. Well, let’s do it again.



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2 responses to “Another post about the softball drama

  1. Kim

    We ate fresh strawberries all weekend. I stopped at a farm market on Saturday and bought 1 quart. Cause last year, I was the only one who ate them, and they went bad before I could eat them all. But this year, it turns out that all 3 kids have developed a love of them over the winter, and they devoured the one little quart before we even got home. And I only bought it in South Berwick!

    So I bought 6 more, and they already finished them off. Seriously, I think they’re all stained a little red now!

    Fresh strawberries with cream and sugar! Yummy! Almost better than the Kitkat bar that’s still calling my name!

  2. Oh Jenn, I have almost wet my pants! I haven’t had much time lately for blog reading so I was trying to catch up tonight and have been laughing my head off at yours. Randy keeps looking over at me strangely (is that a word?). I am so sorry about the bird but that was hilarious as well as Tom the salesman. You have made my night 🙂

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