I’ve got lots to say

I’ll start with the disclaimer: This post will be random and rogue and may jump all over the place. We had a very full day and there was lots that I couldn’t wait to blog about so I’m gonna try and keep it interesting but don’t feel bad if you zone out part way through because it could be lengthy and out of context šŸ™‚

First off, I regret to inform you that I am not doing a book review this week. I didĀ a bad job of reading, in fact, I think I only got the whole way through once. I liked when Paul talked about giving but that’s all that really stuck out in my mind. I’ll be back on the wagon next week!

We made plans to take yet another car hunting trip to Lower Sackville today. Last week we were too rushed and decided we needed the better part of a day to find the “gem in the rock” that Mike was looking for. I think he meant “diamond in the rough” but, you know, same difference soĀ I let it slide for awhile. My mom offered to come look after Chloe so we took her up on her offer and got things in gear. Just before we left, Patti from my ball team called and to make this long story short, our team has folded due to lack of players actually showing up (I wasn’t surprised, a littleĀ glad actually, I’ll explain some other time). So, now I have one day to find a new team before the deadline for the rosters goes in on Monday. Yup.

Anywho, so we were off. We had a plan. Sort of. There were two cars we wanted to test drive from last weekend that we had spotted so they were first on the list. We made our way to Edgar Eisenhowers Used Car lot to try out a Mazda Protege. Well, Edgar himself sauntered over after a few moments of us looking at the aforementioned car and mumbled somethng about it being a nice little car and handed us the key so we could look inside. Now,Ā I don’t know about you but when I’m about to drop several thousand dollars for a car I want the sale person to be peppy and nice but not over bearing and rude. Edgar was niether. We decided to take it for a spin anyway and as Mike started ‘er up, it sounded a little tired but we gave it the benefit of the doubt because it doesn’t get driven very often probably. The fan belt started squeaking right away. Ok, still something that can be dealt with. We drove it a Kilometer or so and Mike wanted to park it and look underneath it for a bit. I think he was looking for rust but I didn’t ask and he didn’t tell me I just accepted it and stayed in the car. Anyway, he gets back in and decides to turn it off and start it again to see if it sounded any better this time.

Off it goes.

Turn the key.

Nothing happens. Hmmmmm.

At this point it is pretty much a given that unless he offered us the car forĀ eleven dollars we weren’t prolly gonna buy this one.

Glad we had a cell phone because I didn’t feel much like hoofin’ er back to Edgar’s so we called 411 for his number and he sent some guy to rescue us. Turns out the battery was out of juice and we got the jump and took it back to the lot. Where we promptly got back into our car, never to return to Edgar’s again.

Sidebar to car shopping: Very good friends of ours live in Shearwater (which in case you don’t know, is not too far from where we were car shopping) so after about six cell to cell phone calls we settled on a place to meet for lunch in the city of Halifax. It was a beautiful day to be on the waterfront and we ate some goooooooood lunch at Murphy’s on the Water. Shala and I had Cedar Baked Salmon with a Maple Syrup glaze and it was as good as it sounds. Mmmmmm. And I found out that theĀ Spinach salad that I had as a side is my new favorite salad. Fabulous!Ā It’s the first time in a long time that I have eaten out and felt full but not fat…helpful information, I know. It was really nice to have lunch with them and not have our girls all yelling and getting covered in ketchup. But, in true parental form, we talked about our kids alot of the time. I guess it can’t be helped.

We parted ways with our friends and continued the search for the gem in the rock.

I’ll skip to the good stuff because there was alot of dead time between 2 and 4pm where we just drove around aimlessly, bought some advil, and drove around some more.

Then we get to Sunset Auto. By this time, I am so disoriented from crossing the road, dipping and dashing into car lots, and skipping from City to Sackville that I’ve just about given up hope for the gem.

It’s funny you know, we went thinking we would prolly end up with a Saturn Ion because there seemed to be quite a few with low kms that were around our price range. They’re a nice sporty looking family car and we had tested one out last weekend so we were deal hunting for one of those today. Sunset had three or four of them. We tested a black one and made the discovery that it didn’t have AC…which is a luxury but when you have children, it’s a nice feature in the summer so that you don’t blow thier hair off or let a bee fly in the window whilst trying to remain cool. Then no one remains cool if there is a bee in that car, isn’t that right, Erin?Ā So we started scoping out some of the other ones on the lot.

Oh yes, I forgot to tell you about Tom. He’s the sales guy that came right over. He wasn’t pushy or rude. Cheesy maybe but he was nice enough. He had a bushy mustache, dark tan, bling on his hands (bling = gold rings and stuff), and a plaid-ish shirt with the top few buttons undone which seemed all too used-car-salesman to me. Whatever car we even looked at it, he urged us to take for a drive and I quote, “Take it for a half hour or so, give it a good test and then come back and we’ll work a deal.” Ok, sure Tom. After we got back with the Saturn, which was a nice ride and all, we were kind of standing around thenĀ out of what seemed like no where, Tom shows us the Ford Focus wagon that he’s been driving back and forth to work because it’s “so darn good on fuel” Our interest peeked because we just retired a Ford that had been pretty good to us up until the last year but you gotta give it credit, it was 12 years old. Anyway, this focus was loaded with yummy features such AC, power everything, sunroof, CD player, etc with decently low kms and a price we could work with.

Now I realize this is getting very long but stick with me there is a gem of a “sitcom moment” coming up.

I’ll try to be brief. I won’t lie, during the test drive, we had warm fuzzies and pretty much new this was the car for us. I had prayed before we left for God to help us both feel the same about the car we should buy so we would feel confident that we should get it. Well, we both really liked it. Step one seemed complete.

Step two – Making a deal. We chatted amongst ourselvesĀ about our price and we settled on what we thought our bottom line was, we mustered up our best confidence, and went to talk to Tom. We said our price and he did the ‘ol, “Oooo, I don’t know, I just don’t know if he’ll go this low” (who is HE?) “I’ll write it up but I don’t know. The man upstairs makes the decision.” (the man upstairs? I highly doubted he was talking about God) He did some paper work, went to see the man upstairs and came back withĀ a counter offer. I’m not gonna bore you anymore butĀ I’ll tell you that my husband did me proud and countered again with “two winter tires and weĀ would haveĀ a deal.” Tom went to talk to the man upstairs again and as he came back, we heard Tom announce across the room, “Call the cops, someone call the cops cuz you’re robbing us blind here!”

Oh, I’m so serious. He said that. Isn’t that so sitcom?

Well, we got the 2002 Ford Focus sporty wagon with lots of yummy featuresĀ and two winter tires. We pick up “The Gem” on Tuesday. Isn’t that an appropriate knick name? I think so.

I realize I have bored the socks right off of you here but I pretty much wanted to record this day for my own benefit because it was fun. I enjoyed myself and the time I got to spend with Mike, the super deal maker dude.

Here she is, the pic doesn’t really do The Gem justice.




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3 responses to “I’ve got lots to say

  1. Nice car, I mean gem. šŸ™‚

  2. “Gem in the rock” is my new favourite.

    Thoroughly enjoyed your account of Mr. Tom. Poor guy. I hope he and “the man upstairs” were able to afford supper. Everyone knows there’s no money in cars. šŸ™‚

  3. Shala

    Oh Jenn, your blog is never boring, that was a great read! I’m so happy you ended up with a fabulous “gem” of a car. We actually really liked our wagon, so I’m sure you will love yours too.

    I love that you a typical cheesy salesman with your sitcom moment, that just makes the whole deal much more special.

    I had a great time at lunch with guys and yes the whole meal was so yummy. There’s nothing like a spinach salad that’s for sure. We’ll have to do it again more often.

    I wish you safety and lot of great travels in your new car. šŸ˜€

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