This is how it normally is

I don’t know why I feel the need to share a funny email conversation between Mike and I with the world  five people who read here, but I’m going to.

Mike sends first: Jenn, go to and look at the 12″ trimmer. we have them here now is this what you and Erin were looking for?

Slight confusion and then a lightbulb goes off…card making supplies, ok…

My reply: that website brought me to a very large website and i don’t have time to find it so can you just bring one home for me to look at? also, i have some email addresses for places we can list the ford if you want to write something up. let me know if you have time to do it and if you don’t, I’ll try and write something up and you can see what you think. but it’s prolly better if you do it 🙂

To which he replies: K

Nope, I’m not kidding, that was his reply.

I write back: well that was vague…k, you can bring one home? or k, you will write something up?

Mike: Sorry, k, I’ll bring one home and k, you better write something up and I’ll proof read it 🙂

So I try this: How’s this sound? 95 ford escort, runs well, not inspected, $500 obo

His reply: Sounds good. The only thing is I’d like to see those tires off it. Cuz they are only 1 yr old. Michelin’s, worth more than the car at this point. could save them for the next car?

Me again: no ones gonna buy a car with no tires. besides, who says the tires are even gonna fit the new car? I vote no on taking off the tires and trying to sell it. all of a sudden “runs well” turns into “engine works” cuz no one can drive it away. I’m willing to part with the tires to get rid of the car. sorry. unless you have other less impressive tires to put on it.

Mike: I would put the snow tires I have out back on it and get 2 other cheep, cheep ones (his spellling, not mine) to put on it. I know no body would buy it without tires!!

Me: Oh. Sorry, I didn’t know what you meant.

Mike: No problem, like always, I didn’t make myself clear.

That, my friends, is communication the hard way. Just a taste of daily life in the Slauen household 🙂 I love it .



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3 responses to “This is how it normally is

  1. happytoknowhim

    Jenn your are too funny. You make my day a whole lot more enjoyable just reading your posts. Wish I was there or you lived closer:)

  2. sounds like Mike and me but ours usually ends with a “whatever” on the end. 🙂

  3. Aw, thanks Barb, for your nice comments 🙂 I wish we lived closer to eachother, too!!

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