come ooooooon weekend!

I’m cheering for the weekend to hurry up and get here. It’s just been one of those weeks that nothing around here seems to have gone right for any length of time that is acceptable 🙂 Today has been a day and a half and it’s only 1:00pm. The girls are all up to trickery and deceit and that’s not usually thier style. Maybe it’s the humidity, I don’t know but they sure are on my last nerve…and I didn’t have very many nerves to begin with today.

Last night on the patio, one of my cats bit some strange looking flat brown bug and it either tasted REALLY bad or it stung her because she took to heaving and drooling and I had visions of the dying little bird (see below) and having to deal with my cat croaking too. Luckily, she seemed to get over it rather quickly. Crisis averted.

Mike and I have been looking at every used car on the floor of the valley that has four doors. I’m hoping soon he might make a decision. See, he is very careful and calculated when it comes to that sort of thing. I’d buy the first one that fit most of our criteria as long as it was a nice color. I guess in this case it pays to take your time. But I keep thinking of all the great cars we saw last weekend that will probably be sold when we go back to Sackville on Saturday. Pretty soon Mike’s parents are going to want thier second car back. They have been very good to us with loaning us cars. I don’t know if they read my blog but if you are, a big THANKS to the in-laws!

I really hope to be coming home with a new-to-us vehicle on Saturday but I’m not holding my breath 🙂

We made a really cute wrapper for a kit kat bar at Kim’s Stampin Up party the other night. I’ve shown much discipline in not tearing it open and eating it. I thought I might give it to someone because it’s so darn cute. But I have decided that NO ONE would appreciate that yummy morsal of chocolate as much as I would today. So I’m gonna eat it. And you can’t stop me. I think I’ll take a picture of it first, just for good measure.

I have a new favorite drink. And I know we went off pop in January and we’ve been really good…I’ve only bought pop one or twenty (I kid) times but there was Rasperry Gingerale on sale the other day at Zellers and I just bought it because it was pink and cheap and I didn’t expect it to be so delicious. Darn. It’s so delicious.

Well, this post was neither informative or exciting. I just like freshening my blog after a few days whether I have something worth saying or not.

Now go get yourself some Raspberry Gingerale and a Kit Kat bar and have a nice day.



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4 responses to “come ooooooon weekend!

  1. My Kit Kat is long gone. I don’t even like Kit Kat bars, but there it was so of course I had to eat it.

    I had forgotten about Raspberry Gingerale. I don’t drink pop anymore either, but one every now and then on a really hot day when you need something pink and cheap and deliciously refreshing should be okay…

  2. Kim

    I haven’t eaten my kit kat yet, but, ohhh, it’s calling my name! It’s so cute, I don’t want to open it, but I know I’ll be into it sooner or later. Probably sooner than later! But after eating all that cheesecake last night, I’m trying to be good today!

    Too bad Mr.Wade isn’t across the road this afternoon, I’m sure he could entertain the girls! Maybe wave to them every once in a while!

  3. You’re funny Jenn. And you’re 30 now too. Good mix. 🙂

  4. happytoknowhim

    When my day doesn’t start right and I want to have a good day, I just go to your blog, Jenn. You always have something that brings a smile and makes my day go much better. I haven’t had much time to blog (as you already know) since I came home. I am still not caught up on all the BRF’s while I was away. O well winter will arrive in AB all too soon and then I will get caught up. I don’t like the cold so I will be in my house most of the time. Have a great day:)

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