So. This is what 30 feels like, eh? Hmmmm, I guess I feel the same. I’m tired (because it’s been a long week) and that makes me all thoughful and reminiscent which can be good and bad when you’re me. I’ve been thinking about how it seems weird not to be in my 20’s anymore and that being 30 makes one believe that they should be all grown up now. I don’t feel any more grown up yet. But that’s ok, I’ve never been one to grow up much anyway 🙂 I remember turning 10 and literally telling my mom that I didn’t want to get any older…double digits seemed so old when I was 9! I wasn’t in any hurry to grow up and I’m still not.

On the other hand, even though I don’t feel “mature”, there are some areas that I do want to mature in. I want my relationship with the Lord to grow…and even though I have been finding that difficult lately, I think I am making some progress. Book Review Friday has been HUGE for me and it’s something I SO needed, cuz serioulsy, who doesn’t need to study their Bibles? If you think you don’t need to, you’re wrong. A Christian must study to find out what God has to say. How else would you know what He wants you to do? And even though it is the most challenging and sometimes difficult thing to do what the Lord says, it is very important. I’ve got a LONG way to go but at least I am on the right track. A few months ago, I wasn’t even on the track so I’m glad to be back on.

I also have alot of growing to do as wife and mother…and this is where BRF comes in again…I am learning that there is nothing I can do on my own and I can want to be a great wife and mother but if I try to do it myself, I will fail…and I fail all the time because I keep forgetting I need the Lord’s help. But God hears my smallest prayers, my loudest prayers, and my broken-hearted ones when I fail and He answers. And I’m so grateful for that.

So, I’m going to stop obsessing about the number today represents and start being thankful for the 30 years I’ve been given so far and pray that the next time I reach a new decade, I will be a better wife and mother, and most of all, closer to the Saviour.



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4 responses to “30

  1. Personally I think 30 is a very good number. 🙂
    We’re all in the same boat. We look back and see all the good times plus the messes behind us. I’m so glad we are Christians and well on our way to something so much better. So glad you are a BRF lady as well. We’re all in this together. Love it. I still think back to just a few years ago when you were saved. Hard to believe the ‘then & now’ difference. You were always fun and nice I’m sure, but I never guessed that while we saw each other in the halls every day in high school that you would meet up with my sister, get saved and start writing great Bible study reviews weekly with us. Crazy. God is good!

  2. Happy Birthday. I wrote a comment that got way too long (and was really only meant for you anyway) so I’m going to head over to email and send it that way. 🙂

  3. Well I for one got choked up reading your post!!

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