Breakfast logic

Conversation between the two 3 year olds that I look after:

T – You gotta eat your bekfist so you can get big

E – I am eatin it and I am already big

T – That’s right, you big but you aren’t as big as Jenn yet

E – Nope, Jenn is really big and I’m not as big as Jenn

T – Yeah, Jenn is a big girl

E – But she’s not as big as Erin, I’m gonna be as big as Erin!

T – Erin is the biggest girl!

Sorry Erin, couldn’t resist posting this one today 🙂



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4 responses to “Breakfast logic

  1. Do they think I’m fat?! 🙂

  2. I knew you’d say that and I almost added the fact that you’d say that to the post…No silly, you are TALLLLLLLLLL!

  3. Kids say the cutest things don’t they? lol :o)

    Thanks for stopping by my blog. :o)

  4. Happy Birthday Jenn!!!! Woo Hoo! :0) I’d love to know if you are playing ball in around the B’erk area this weekend. It would work out nice since Marty is off. 🙂

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