A visit from a friend

So I mentioned yesterday that I was hoping for a visit from my old college room mate, Katrin. Well, she did come last night about 8:30pm and I was so happy I had a spare room and bed for her to sleep in. She tried the ‘ol, “I’ll just go get a cheap motel room.” Yeah right! When I have the chance to visit with her once every five years or so I’m gonna take it.

It got me thinking that I wanted to write about how we met and some of our adventures. This probably won’t be very exciting to anyone else so feel free to stop reading when you get bored. Chances are pretty good that might happen. There, you’ve been warned.

When I left home for College at NSCC Truro campus in 1998, I was a little scared about going to live somewhere in a residence with a room mate I didn’t know. And I was right to be scared. I got paired up with a girl who I had nothing in common with and in fact we didn’t even really like eachother that much after a few days. Then somehow (I seriously don’t remember the circumstances) I met Katrin and we pretty much hit it off from the start. We were both into volleyball so that was an instant winner for me. Turns out she and her room mate didn’t get along either so we came up with a scheme and left our room mates in our old rooms and got a room down the hall the was empty. I think we didn’t even tell our old room mates or RA we were moving…we just kind of did and then it was too late. I think I even recall that we might have stolen the key to get in there! Somehow, this would be the beginning of things we didn’t get in trouble for that we should have 🙂

My favorite memories are actually of sleeping in that room. Oddly, the beds were SO cozy and to add to it, we had gone and bought those foam egg crate thingys to put on the bed for extra Z’s. We had a daily routine of going back to bed pretty much right after lunch. We’d lock the door, pull the shades, put our favorite CD on repeat and sleep till supper unless there was vball before supper, then we’d get up and stay up all hours of the night. I don’t know how either of us even got good marks!

When we weren’t sleeping, we were probably pulling pranks on our friends which included: leaners, shaving cream, penny-ing in, and other nonsense ya do in college.

We ate alot of cereal, melba toast, and bagels in our room and I ate alot of french fries in the cafeteria while she ate rice pilaf. ew.

Sometimes we would just jump in my car and go on random road trips to places around Truro we’d never been before.

‘Trin used to get up on Sunday mornings and ask me to go to church with her…I was always too worn out from the night before to go. She liked mornings, always studying or running before breakfast and I would always say, “Get me up, I’ll run with ya!” …I never did run with her 🙂

Even with all the drama that happens in dorm life, She was never someone who made me worry if she liked me or not and I always felt safe around her, like I could be myself…even though back then I didn’t know who that was.

Since college, she has been to Australia to work and backpack, Hawaii on a university exchange program, France and Quebec for french courses and now she works on The Cat out of Bar Harbour telling people about Nova Scotia as she works towards her last year of University at St FX to get her teaching degree. I like to live vicariously through her sometimes. Not that I would trade my life ever, it’s just fun to know someone who has done so many interesting things!

And now, I will go clean up the toys and then I am going to lay down because I was awake all night worrying that she wasn’t gong to have a good sleep…she slept just fine. I did not.

Here she is pulling out on her motorcycle this morning:


And here she is reading a book to Chloe and Taylor before she left. They thought she was the cat’s meow!



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  1. Glad you had a wonderful visit. It’s great to have friends like that. They’re the kind of friendships that makes you want nothing to change! 🙂

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