A game in Berwick…for real this time

Recently I had told you all that I was going to be playing ball in Berwick…and then I was wrong and, in effect, lied to you. Sorry. Anyway, this time I have it right and I’m pretty confident about that. Soooooooo, if you wanna watch some exciting ladies softball (disclaimer: it’s not that exciting) then show up at the Berwick field at 6:30pm on Tuesday, June 19th. It might be the one behind the main field, I’m not sure but we’ll be there somewhere. We’ll be the ones not wearing beer related uniforms (or any uniforms at all for that matter, we just wear whatever we want) which makes it sound like the other team will be wearing beer related uniforms, I don’t know, we haven’t played them yet but they might because they are called The Rebels and rebels sometimes wear beer shirts…so I’m told. I wouldn’t know because I’ve never been a rebel (ok, so maybe I had some rebellious moments…or years…)

Anywho, I was expecting a busy Sunday but it’s turning out to be the opposite of that. Which is ok with me. We were supposed to be having friends over this afternoon but they aren’t comng until later this evening I think.

And, my colloge roommate thought she might drop in on her way from Cape Breton (which is her home town) to The Cat (which she works on) but I don’t know if she’ll make it. I hope so, I haven’t seen her in about five years. She’s the only one of my college friends that I actually keep in touch with on a semi regular basis. I like her.

I certainly hope Chloe wakes up in a better mood. Man, was she ever in a fit most of the day…except when she was in the nursery at church, I’m sure she was just fine then because I wasn’t there. This morning, when I was getting her dressed, I said,  “let’s get your pretty dress on for church” and then, she lost it, for about a half hour. She sobbed and tantrumed and repeated, “I don wanna wear da pretty dress, I don wanna!” Well, too bad, you are wearing the pretty dress today missy. Maybe I got a little scared that she is going to grow up and want to be a man…I’ve watched too many talk shows in the past 🙂



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2 responses to “A game in Berwick…for real this time

  1. Why is everything happening on Tuesday night? Please let us know about the next game.

    Chloe was great in the nursery. And her dress was so pretty. And I’m so glad I didn’t mention it. 🙂

  2. Just keep repeating, Mommy and you are girls. That’s what I do… just to Alyssa though, not the boys, that would be too weird.

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