I loathe packing…that’s right, I loathe it.

I’m taking a moment from my packing parade to let you know that since we are moving to our new house tomorrow (yay!) I probably won’t be posting a review this week (if you don’t know what I’m talking about, click on the “what is book review friday” link in my blogroll section). Although I want to, because I’m liking these chapters alot but I don’t know when our computer is going to be hooked back up and all that jazz. I might post it at a later date and it just won’t make Mr.Linky this week.

 I’ll also try and post pics of said new house for those of you who aren’t close enough to visit and actually care what it looks like 🙂 Everyone else, drop buy any time! It might be a mess but at least I can show you around!

Till some other bloggity day….

Jenn – Queen of procrastination (who is now mad at herself for leaving so much work for herself to do.)



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3 responses to “I loathe packing…that’s right, I loathe it.

  1. Happy Loathing! 🙂 We’ll be by someday.

  2. Kim

    Isn’t packing fun!! I hate it too. I had lunch with Ray at your new house today. I love the colors! Especially Chloe’s room. Or at least, I’m assuming it was Chloe’s room, since it was purple and pink!

    So close now, you must be so excited!

  3. Are you online yet? My computer is the first thing to get plugged in when we move. 🙂

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