Who cries at baseball…?

…apparently I do.


First off, let me apologize to anyone who may have come to the Berwick field looking for me (not that I expected many). I wasn’t there. I got there, looked around, and realized my team was not there. So I pulled out the ‘ol schedule from my ball bag to see that I was indeed playing in Aylesford tonight. Hmmmm. Please don’t ask me why I thought we were in Berwick because I don’t know. I need to remember to check the schedule regularly because apparently I am going crazy. Especially if I am going to advertise it on my blog 🙂

Anyway, back to the crying. I’ve blogged before about the fact that I changed teams this year for the first time in…well, ever. So, it took me a little off gaurd when I saw that we were playing my old team, the Stray Cats, tonight. If I had checked earlier I would have had time to digest the fact that I was going to see them all tonight. But I didn’t. Therefore, I got to the field and got all…well, misty eyed when I saw some of my friends I’d be playng against instead of with. So I tried to suck it up, cuz it’s sports and ya can’t cry over stuff like that. But in my defence, it also happens to be that one day of the month that I actually cry.


So there I am, first inning, out in the field bawling like a baby, wiping tears on my shirt sleeve, second guessing my decision to change teams. I love those girls. They’re fun, they know me already, and I know them. Why did I leave again? Oh right, too far from home.

Anyway, you’ll be happy to know that I got over it…until next time we play them. They gave me a free pepsi in the parking lot after the game as a peace offering. They’re totally trying to win me back 🙂

It might work.

On a totally serious note,  could you please join me in praying for Carly Skaling on Wednesday? She is the daughter of our friends, Ang and Shawn Skaling. Carly is having surgery at the IWK. I don’t know all the details but please pray for that family. As far as I know, Shawn is still at military training so it will be hard for him to be away and for Ang not to have her husband beside her. They also have two other little girls as well. Thanks, I know you’ll pray for them 🙂



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6 responses to “Who cries at baseball…?

  1. Kim

    I was just thinking about Shawn the other day, and was going to ask Ray if he’s ever heard how he was doing with his military training. Ray used to really ejoy working with him. I will be praying for Carly–and her parents–on Wednesday.

    Oh, and I had thought about coming to see you tonight–guess it’s good that I didn’t!! Do you really only have one day a month that you cry? I have at least 5!!! 🙂

  2. Kim

    Definitely twins!! I was loving that we left comments at the same time, too!

    Ray told me finally gave you the little black sandals–he’s been carrying them around for a few weeks now. Mackenzie has another pair, exactly the same, only bigger. Imagine how much they’ll giggle at each other at church when they see they have the same shoes!

  3. We would have come and watched you cry, I mean play, tonight but martwa is working and thus there is no vehicle in our yard and I think he wants to come watch with us anyway. Please keep us tuned with the dates and PROPER fields though, we’re going to be there as soon as it works out. 🙂

  4. Kim

    I can’t help but wonder who “martwa” is? Sorry, Shannon, but I love me a good typo! 🙂

  5. Kim

    Jenn, you are cracking me up today!

  6. Thanks for stopping in last night to let me know where you WEREN’T playing 🙂 Sorry I didn’t make it to Aylesford. But I promise, next time you are in Ber’k, we’ll be there with bells on. Would it be bad if I wore my stray cats shirt to the game?!

    And tee hee…Kim thinks that “Martwa” is a typo…she might think we’re crazy if she knew he actually got called that!!

    And do you know if anyone is playing volleyball these days? I’m ready to give it a try sometime. I’m not scared to play anymore, but I am already embarrassed at how out of shape I am!!

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