Spontaneous – (is that how you spell that? It doens’t look right)

I used to be a good and confident speller…not so much anymore. And I’m too lazy to actually look it up.

Anywho, today mom and Chloe and I headed into Windsor to pick out my bathroom vanity and counter top – which totally should have been picked out a long time ago but whatev. As we were pulling off the exit mom said something about going to Halifax after and I was like, “good idea” so we did. We went to Mic Mac Mall and shopped a bit. I’m usually not that spontaneous when Chloe is with me but I had an extra diaper so why not? She was really good, too, considering we got to the mall at nap time but she just road in the stroller and ate some french fries. She’s not always so easy going but I’m glad she was today.

I scored two pairs of capri pants at Old Navy. I needed them so get off my back, ok? 🙂 Did anyone realize how many childrens clothing stores there are at Mic Mac? I could have spent a fortune on cute things for Chloe but I refrained and only bought her two t-shirts. Aren’t you proud of me?

As we left, we followed tradition and purchased an Orange Julius each. I forgot that I don’t like the Pina Colada one but I’m sure I’ll remember next time. It’s too sugary.

Well, I know that was some riveting blogging that y’all really needed to read. But, it’s my blog and I can write whatever I want.

10 days till we move into our new house!


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One response to “Spontaneous – (is that how you spell that? It doens’t look right)

  1. e

    mom and i almost went to halifax today 🙂 i so totally want capri’s from old navy. but i did some shopping online from tall girl instead. they’ll deliver my order right to my door. now that’s service!

    and i’m so totally jealous that you had an orange julius. i may need to go to the city afterall!!

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