Six Years

Today is me and Mike’s sixth wedding anniversary. Sometimes I can’t believe we’ve been married for six years and then other times it feels like we’ve been together forever. Prolly since we sort of have been together forever…we started dating when we were 16 so we’ve done alot of growing up over the years!

An anniversary is a good occasion for me to think back to what God has done in our lives and our marriage. Things weren’t always so great for us. And there are still days that aren’t so fun, of course, but the longer we are together, the more we learn. I’ve learned alot about what being a “good wife” is. I could probably write the book on being a bad one! A good wife is being a Godly wife and you can believe that it’s a constant learning process that I have far from perfected!

I just wanted to tell you some things I love about Mike because I don’t often dwell enough on what’s great about him. I need to do that more. I’m too critical alot of the time. That would be a whole chapter from the book on how not to be a good wife.

He works hard everyday to take care of us.

He always opens doors for me.

He doesn’t eat until there is food on my plate and I’m ready to eat unless I insist he start eating.

He scoops the cat litter.

He cleans the toilet.

He often does dishes on Sunday so I don’t have to.

He’s building us a house.

He emailed me the other day just to see how my day was going (he doesn’t do that often but I tell ya, it made my day).

He’s such a good daddy.

He’s a handsome hubby.

He brings me chocolate once in awhile.

Well, there’s a few things that come to mind right away. There are more, but I’ll just tell him.

He’s taking me to Swiss Chalet tonight and a movie. I’m totally pumped, I love swiss chalet and I love that he knows that’s all it takes to make me happy, some good eats! 🙂


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  1. Happy Anniversary! Yay for 6 years!!!
    I am jealous of both you and kim now that you’ve both gone out for supper with your hubby!

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