And so it begins…

Chloe’s is pretty much talking in full sentences now.  Therefore, some funny little things come out of her mouth these days. Yesterday as she was playing with one of the figurines from her new dollhouse she made a discovery.

Chloe: Ooooooooooo (alot of her sentences start with ooooing and ahhhing) Mommy, Dora daddy have ee-ah’s (ears)

Me: Yes sweetie he does.

Chloe: (pausing while she studies me) Ooooo, mommy have two big ones!

Yes, compared to a little doll, I suppose I do have big ears …part of me might be getting a complex…maybe I really do have big ears…



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3 responses to “And so it begins…

  1. No worries Jenn. I’ve never noticed your ears being big. Actually I’ve never noticed them at all. I’m gonna take a good look at them the next time we meet up. 🙂

  2. Kim

    I’ve never noticed big ears on you either! Sara told me that I have a big head today, so we can be paranoid together!

  3. I’ll check with Sara on the size of your ears Jenn. She is nothing
    but honest, hey Kim.

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