Yard Sale Treasures

may-07-015.jpgmay-07-017.jpg I’m trying to figure out how to post pics. Bear with me. This is Charlie the cat enjoying Chloe’s new Dora Doll house…sweet yard sale treasure #1 of the weekend. And this is Chloe also enjoying treasure #1.

I was also THRILLED to find a bike trailer that also converts to a double stroller. Basically you take the front wheel off and attach it to your bike and you have a kid trailer for you bike! I’ve wanted one for awhile now but refused to pay the $200 for a new one. Problem is, this one didn’t come with the bike attachement, just the stroller wheel, which is still good. I’ll have to do some hunting for the attachment. Either way, it was worth it. Unfortunatly my camera batteries died before I got a pic of it. But it’s a bee-ute!

I spent part of the afternoon yesterday painting the bathroom in the new house. it’s blue. I think it will look ok. We are getting new paint for the kitchen since the store mixed it wrong. Phew…glad it wasn’t just my bad taste because it. is. awful.

That will be all for now.



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2 responses to “Yard Sale Treasures

  1. That is a very cool picture Jenn!

  2. thanks shannon…who doesn’t even like cats 🙂

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