Update on my OCD and some shorts wearing info

I hung out some more clothes this morning and I didn’t do it right (see post below) and it bothers me now. I didn’t look through the basket thoroughly enough. And I also made a mistake below. It goes pants first, then shirts etc…sheesh.

That meme was my 100th post. I just noticed that. I guess 7 random things is a good way to mark my centennial.

I had my first softball practice of the season tonight. I ended up joining the team I wasn’t going to join because they dropped the beer sponsor! How cool is that? Very cool.  It was a good practice. Batting always causes me to use muscles that are used for nothing but hitting the ball so I’ll be sore tomorrow but that’s ok. I secretly love the feeling of sore muscles after exercise.

On my old team, everyone new I was a Christian and respected me by trying very hard to keep thier cussin’ to a minimum. You would often hear things like “Oh Stink!” and then, “See Jenn? I didn’t swear!” And if they did slip up and swear they would apologize, which I always thought was very considerate of them. So, I expected with this team that I would have to train them to swear nicely but one of the girls swore and then apologized to me so they are on the right track. I really appreciate the effort 🙂

And I even wore shorts to practice. No one really wants to see that. Melissa was sure my white legs were the reason she kept missing the ball. Please note that I only wear shorts for ball and possibly in the backyard…maybe. There is no occasion in real life that causes me to wear shorts other than that. So don’t be afraid.

While I’m here, I should tell you, I’m very disappointed in my paint color choices 😦 Yes, it is true, I over did it with the brown color and the green in the kitchen is not so appealing. But at this point, I don’t care, we can paint it again someday. I wanted it to look like it did in the brochure thingy but, alas, it does not. Oh well, I’m over it.


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  1. Please please please let us know when you have your first game. If at all possible we will be there cheering you on! The kids would be excited to watch you play. You’d be famous in their minds. 🙂 I’m so glad you could join up without worrying about the sponsor. Awesome. 🙂

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