Nothin’ really

It’s another one of those days that I feel like blogging but I don’t really have a specific topic to post. So I’ll just ramble away…hence the blog title. It gives me freedom to do that cuz there’s pretty much a disclaimer in the title – “warning, there may be useless rambling”.

It. is. warm. And don’t think for a second that I am complaining. This is only like the second day this year that we can go outside in t-shirts and capri pants and be perfectly happy. Loooooove it. (you need to sing those two words when you read it so go back and say it again correctly. Out loud. Thank you)

Mike is off this week to work on our new house. We have given our notice for the apartment so we are moving at the end of May whether our house is complete or not. I had originally told Mike that I wouldn’t move into a new house if it wasn’t all finished. Shya, I don’t care…I’d move in today if he’d let me but we really should get the flooring down first 🙂 He is painting. I am scared. I think I have voiced concern over my color choosing abilities before but now it’s all coming whether I’m ready or not. I zipped over at lunch time when he came home so I could see the color of the kitchen. I think I like it 🙂 Ok, not a bad start. I wish I could help more but since I have kiddies to look after, I won’t be contributing much.

I’m also excited to be getting a wagon. Kim’s children decided they could sell me thier wagon for a bargain $60…until Kim told them I could get a new one for 50. We settled on a price and I’m happy I won’t have to hunt for one at yardsales. This is way easier. Besides, that frees up some car space for other stuff at yardsales. The annual Ravenwood one in Kingston is this coming weekend. I think Chloe and I will make an early appearance and see what we can find.

Well, “train wreck Tuesday” is half over. We’re doing ok. Wake up and go outside for the rest of the afternoon girlies! And yes, we’ll have a watermelon picnic today. I might have been asked that question every day since the first time we did that.

Erin, thanks for coming over. I enjoyed having a grown up here.



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3 responses to “Nothin’ really

  1. It’s a beautiful day!!! I hope you had a nice picnic 🙂
    My favourite times for the next few months is always right after supper, when the light gets that eternity calling to my heart feel to it.
    I really want to see your house! Moving in so soon! Well, it feels soon to me anyway, I know you’ve been in a little apartment and that makes it take forever. 😦 I’m very excited for you.

  2. We drove past your house on Sunday and it looks wonderful. I love th outside color so I’m sure the inside ones are great too.

  3. Kim

    I’ll be sure to get the “bargain” wagon to you asap!! I thought Ray was going to take it with him today and drop it off, but I see it’s still here! Another sunny warm day–I love it!!

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