Yes, I actually BOUGHT something this time

Last night I went to like the 100th Stampin’ Up party I’ve been to. I like to go and make the card and feel artistic if only for a moment. I sort of make a joke of the fact that if you invite me, I’m pretty much not gonna buy anything.


I bought something last night.

Yes, you heard me correctly, I finally caved (like everyone does for facebook) and bought some things to start off. Just some paper, one stamp set, and two ink pad thingys but I might be a little excited. Ok, I might have dreamed about it all last night once or twice and I might have already made up some cards in my head. The problem with that is, I probably won’t be able to make them look anything like they do in my head. This is why I fought with myself about whether or not to buy anything for the last few years. My creative side stops in my brain. My hands don’t usually follow through. The wiring is faulty:) But I’m gonna give it a good college try. My best will be on a lower scale than some very talented people that I associate with but I think most people would appreciate the effort. And think of all the money I could save on buying cards! Yes, that is the motivation…shya. It’s more like, think of all the money I’m going to spend every time I go to a stampin up party now. Oh well, I need a hobby that I can do at home besides blogging and facebook (facebook freaks me out on some level anyway).

I’m prolly even gonna have a stampin party in my house so I can get free stuff. Oh, you know you’ll come…



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2 responses to “Yes, I actually BOUGHT something this time

  1. Kim

    You invite me and you know I’ll come! And I’ll order something too!! Lots of fun last night! (Lots of exclamation marks in this comment, too–what can I say, I’m an excitable person!)

  2. You’ll make great cards! Which set did you get? I will come to your party, but I’ll probably only buy a new color ink pad for Katie. I have faulty wiring as well, and gave up on trying to make my hands do what my brain can see so clearly. 🙂

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