The Big Backyard

With the weather being so much nicer these days, we have spent alot of time in the backyard. Chloe loves loves LOVES to go outside and so do the two babysitees. With Spring brings all kinds of lessons for little eyes and hearts to learn. Might as well start teaching them now! Today I spotted a little worm slinking along near the slide so I showed the girls. They stared at it for a minute it or two as I told them that God made it so the birds would have something to eat. Chloe, being little, wanted to poke it with a stick and Taylor says, “No Chloe, don’t hurt it, God MADE that worm!”

This week, the girls also learned about and got to touch frogs! The boys next door love to catch frogs in the pond behind thier house and they were proud to show off thier catches to some excited little girls.

We’ve also been learning about the buds on the trees and the leaves that are coming out of them now. It’s been fun to show Chloe things she’s never seen before and the other girls things they probably never noticed and I always try to tell them that it’s all God’s creation. It’s made me realize (yet again – reminders are good) what an amazing responsibility raising children is. They are getting most of thier first impressions of life from me. Scary but true 🙂

Having said that, I totally fell off the wagon this week with my Book Review and reading. In fact, I didn’t do it. There, that’s the truth. That’s bad. And now since I have typed this I am going to smarten up. Sheesh.

All this from the big backyard. I will miss it when we move down the road. The Meadows have been great neighbours and the girls love it when the boys and Sarah come out to play. Thier faces literally light up. It’s very cute.



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3 responses to “The Big Backyard

  1. Two of the Meadows have been very unattentive neighbours. It’s a good thing we have friendly kids. And it’s a good thing you’re just moving down the road. We’ll still have a chance to be good neighbours.

  2. I think you have been perfectly gracious neighbors 🙂 We’ve hung out on more than one occasion and we’ve also had some very nice yard chats. Don’t be hard on yourselves!

    I can’t wait to have you all over in our new house…I still remember that I will, at some point, feed y’all some salmon and mashed potaotes!! Can’t wait!

  3. Aww, sounds great! It’s nice to take notice even for ourselves of God’s creations even down to the tiny little worms!

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