Let’s have a watermelon picnic

I told the girls today that if they had a good sleep after lunch we would have a picnic and eat watermelon outside. They are sound asleep. The weather has been perfect (to echo Charmin) the last couple of days. I wish every day in the summer would be just like it was yesterday. Warm, not hot. Dry, not humid. A warm breeze, and LOTS of sunshine. It was great. I took some really cute pics but I can’t figure out how to get pictures onto my blog. I’m not that computer smart these days. sheesh.

I went with a new look for my blog. The other one was nice but reminded me of Christmas and I’m not feeling too Christmasy what with all this great sunshine! I had to go a little brighter.

I haven’t given you an update on our new house in awhile. Things are moving along quickly! I’m a tad excited. Ok, more than a tad…let’s go with…alot excited. The drywall is up and being crack filled (I never would have known what that meant a year ago) and we should be ready to start painting on the weekend! Which is the scariest thing Mike has ever told me becuase I thought we were going to HIRE someone to paint it. Yikes. I’m not that good. I don’t want to ruin my house. I have my color pallette (yes, I said color pallette although I’m not too sure I spelled it right) all picked out. I hope I like everything I chose. I’m gettin a little scared that I’m going to see everything together and cry. Oh well, what can ya do? So, here’s hoping we don’t run into any major snags and we should be in by the end of May. Then all you who live in the metro valley area can come see our new dwelling. For those of you who don’t live close enough to visit, I’ll try to figure this thing out and post pics someday.

I’m going to go slice some watermelon. I wish the girls were old enough to spit seeds 🙂 But I bought the seedless kind.



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4 responses to “Let’s have a watermelon picnic

  1. I love your new blog look and I love your new house, though I haven’t seen anything but a picture of the outside yet, and I love that you are having some watermelon. It means that the new season really is here! Yay!!!

  2. Kim

    I love your new look, too!! So summery!

    I was sitting in the truck with the kids on the weekend, while Ray was doing a little work for Mike–something about a heater–I really have no idea! Anyway, I was so excited for you, with your brand-new house! I can’t even imagine how exciting it must be to get to move in soon! And no, I’m not coveting it…..although I would love to have a new house!! So much work to do here.

    And I love the color of the siding!

  3. happytoknowhim

    Hi Jenn, I am soooooo happy you changed to your new look before me. I had been thinking about it, but couldn’t make up my mind what to change it to:) Wow just think I may have choosen the same look as you again:) Just kidding you. I like your new look as well. Have a great day. I am happy that you will be in your new home soon, it is so exciting to have your own new home. Enjoy all the hard work will be worth it:)

  4. I am not sure if my first comment disappeared! Anyway- I love your new look! It’s so bright & cheery!

    P.S. I’m doing another photo tag- Bloggers Without Makeup… if you dare!


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