Well, that wasn’t fun

I had the flu. Ew. But I am feeling much better now. I went the whole day yesterday without even sitting at the computer for a second. That’s how ya know I am not feeling well. I feel like I am catching up on everything today having only missed one full day of life. Funny how that is when you are a mom, eh? Mike has been great. He took yesterday and today off to look after Chloe and I. She has loved spending the day with her daddy. I could tell by the many giggles I heard while dozing in and out upstairs yesterday. I’m back on my feet now so Mike is using the rest of the afternoon to go work on our house. The sun was making him antsy to be doing something. That boy does not like to sit still.

No sign of anyone else getting sick and I hope it stays that way. I much prefer to have it over my family. Too much stress when they are sick. And besides, once every few years a mom needs to sleep for an entire day, right?

Chloe’s asleep so I think I will go sit on the stoop and catch some rays 🙂

PS: I don’t know if I have a BRF in me today. Maybe tomorrow?

 Edited to add: BRF…sounds too much life something I did a few times the other night (add an “a” after the “b”) I think I’ll start calling it Book Review 🙂


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