not to play

A few posts ago, I wrote about my dilema of possibly playing for a beer sponsored ball team and how I wasn’t all down with that 🙂 I had pretty much made up my mind as I finished that post that I would not be playing on that team but I prayed about it more and tonight I emailed my friend and told her she’d be playing without Jenn this year. It wasn’t the right fit for me. Not what God wanted me to do. Or then again, He probably set that up perfectly so I would have a chance to open doors with other players for possible witnessing??? I hope so (she said in a scared, sheepish voice). Honestly I have had a heart for the souls of the athletetic types. Maybe since that is where I have spent tonnes of my time over the years. I see very few Christians on the teams I play with. Very few that I know of. Maybe that’s my Ninevah.

There have been some thoughts rattling around in my mind for a few days on what Book Review Friday has done for me. Which is  interesting to me since Shannon posted this today. I had been trying to organize my thoughts…I don’t think I’m there yet. But I feel like I should try and explain just how much BRF has taught me. Sheesh, it seems like a scary task to try and explain it.



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2 responses to “not to play

  1. anniepannie

    Good job. God never requires us to do something we know we shouldn’t in the name of ‘witnessing’! He’ll open other doors for you.

    I once heard a preacher at our church say, ‘If you feel led to give out a tract, do it! It’s not the devil telling you to do it!’ We could probably use the same reasoning for the opposite. If we know in our hearts something is wrong, its not the devil telling us NOT to do it! 🙂

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