Just a little ramblin’

The girls are asleep and thank goodness for that! I needed this break. Most days I don’t mind babysitting. They all seem to be adjusting. Chloe likes having them around most of the time from what I can tell. Today maybe not so much becuase so far, she has been bitten on the big toe – hard. She’s also been hit more than once. Not her day I guess. It’s hard sometimes to not just scoop her up and hold onto her to protect her but some of the interaction will help her learn. It doesn’t seem to be her tendancy to hit or bite yet when she is frustrated so I hope it stays that way. Anyway, enough about babysitting. It’s my own little challenge and maybe I am learning alot about myself 🙂 Just maybe.

Sunday afternoon I took a few moments (ok, more like an hour) to myself and headed to the shore. Sometimes you just gotta go to the shore. Honestly nothing reminds me more of God’s awesome power than standing on the edge of the vast ocean (even though you can see land, it’s still vast:) ) and feeling really, really tiny. I love it. It wasn’t super warm but it was warm enough that I sat on a big rock for a little while and reflected on the winter months, glad that they are over.  Spring always makes me open my eyes a little wider to try and see what God has in store…or at least be ready for what He has for me.

Anne posted a beautiful poem today so if you haven’t been there, you should check it out. Click here.

Well, Chloe is awake now. I’m gonna go snuggle her up good before the other two wake up 🙂


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  1. kinzalslater

    You are so lucky that your little ones sleep. Alyssa was whiny, Nick was being a tattletale, and Rachel kept headbutting and biting!!! I am pooped by the end of the day. 🙂

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