Book Review Friday – Jonah

Oh dear.

I read Jonah everyday this week. When I first heard we were going to do Jonah I had a plan of what I thought I might be able to write about. The more I read, the more I realized how much in common I really have with Jonah. Oh dear. How often do I buy a ticket for Tarshish whenever I’m asked to something hard for God? Often. How often do I complain about the things I can’t control when I should leave it for God to take care of? Often. How often do I think I know what is best for other people and what I think God should or shouldn’t bless them with based on my limited knowledge of situations? Oh, well, let’s see here…..often.

So, in true BRF form, Jonah kicked my behind 🙂 I learned SO much from him. I think maybe the most important thing I learned is that even when I totally mess up, even when I think I know what is best, God will still have mercy on me when I cry out to him. When I repent and know that what I have done is wrong, he will take care of me. Some people might argue that being swallowed by a whale wasn’t “being taken care of” but I tend to think it was. Jonah would have drowned in the ocean but God had other plans. He knew Jonah would learn his lesson and go preach to the people of Ninevah. He knew they would listen to Jonah and change thier evil ways. He saved Jonah to save a city.

It makes me think, what would God have me do if I wasn’t often running in the other direction? Would he have me save a city? Who knows? It’s not our job to underestimate what we can do with the power of Christ in us. It’s our job to go to Ninevah and trust that God will give us the tools to do what he asks.

I loved reading Jonah. It’s my second favorite lesson next to Haggai.

I pray I can listen and obey.



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3 responses to “Book Review Friday – Jonah

  1. Right there with ya on this Jenn. “It’s our job to go to Nineveh..” I’m a little scared of where my Nineveh might be, but I really want to be willing to go there. 🙂

  2. happytoknowhim

    Thanks for the reminder Jenn, that God promises to forgive us when we come to Him in repentance. I know that I am like Jonah when it comes to doing the hard things for Christ.

    Thanks for checking out my new site. I didn’t even realize that we choose the same page. Just goes to show “two great minds think alike” :):) Oh I think that might have been a prideful heart speaking !!!!

  3. Lea

    Jenn- Are you familiar with the Christian children’s videos by Veggie Tales? I am sure you are. They are wonderful. Joshua loved them as a youngster. We have the Jonah story. It’s a full length feature movie. Have you seen it? if not,let me know. I’ll send you a copy.


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