To play or not to play

So, I like sports. And recently the only sport that has a schedule that allows me to be involved seems to be summer softball. I love playing softball. I’ve been playing on teams since I was about 12 or so. This year I decided to leave the team I’ve been playing with for years and join a new team for the sole reason that we moved a little farther away from the home field than is convenient to travel for me. I heard about a new team that started up and thought it sounded like a good group of girls to play with.

Today, the girl who asked me to play dropped by with her husband for a visit which was SO nice becuase alot of the “ball girls” I only ever see during ball season. Anyway we were chatting away about random things as usual and then of course the topic of this new team came up. She was saying that so-and-so got our sponsor and blah, blah, blah. Then I asked who was sponsoring us, thinking about what cool shirts we might have or if we’ll get warm up pants or matching hats or something. She said our sponsor is Bud Light.


My heart immediatly sank because I have moral issue with supporting a beer company when I don’t drink and don’t endorse drinking in the least. Immediatly I said, “uh oh” and cheryl was all well you don’t have to wear the shirt. Well, that’s a no brainer, I won’t be wearing the shirt but should I even be playing on the team? I really don’t know now. Some Christians wouldn’t think much of it. But would Jesus play for Bud Light? I might have just got my answer…

Maybe I need to find a new team. I welcome your thoughts on this. I know it’s not a major issue of the universe or anything but I am trying lately to do the right thing 🙂



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6 responses to “To play or not to play

  1. Lea

    Yay Jenn! There’s nothing more bee-u-tee-full than a woman who has convictions and stands by them. You will be shown a path to your love of team sports that matches your values. Just listen……

    God Bless.

  2. Hmmmm, I would have a hard time with this as well. Recently, my hubby has wanted a change of scenery in regards to his job, and given his experience, someone suggested he go to work for Budweiser. Honestly, I thought it was a great idea. But he adamantly said NO. He said he couldn’t work for something that he was against (alcohol in general). I strongly believe in personal responsibility and don’t believe alcohol in and of itself is evil (I admit, I enjoy a nice margarita from time to time). It’s how people abuse that irks me.

    Anyway, even though I don’t think him going to work for Budweiser is a bad idea, I stand by how he feels about it.

    All this to say, go with your gut. God gave you that instinct for a reason.

  3. Hi Jenn, I also switched my site. Hope you will check it out. I have the site address on my old blog.
    I am encouraged by your stand on who sponsors a team in whatever sport. I believe God will bless you for your decision to do what would please Him in a bigger way than you could imagine, whether He chooses to bless you or not, it’s always right to do right. Thanks for sharing your decision.

  4. Kinza

    Hmm… myabe by not wearing the shirt you are making the stand.. A little like the Jones with their shirts and ties.
    I don’t know what I would do either.

  5. I admire your desire to do whats right Jenn. I wouldnt play on the team if it were me. And I think you are right – Jesus wouldnt either. He is taking delight in you though and your example in following Him!

  6. Jenn, you know I shoot straight (a little too loudly sometimes). No ones got a gun to your head making you play on this team. You have options on which team to play. And, like you said, “Would Jesus play for Bud Light?”. You go girl!

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