How do ya like my new home?

I’m so over Blogger. I so am. For the last two days I haven’t even been able to sign in to my blog to post anything. Which is especially annoying since I promised my review this week. I couldn’t get in and by the time I stopped messin’ with blogger, it was too late to get a new blog and post it there. So, soon I will post it here. I have some more figureing out to do but I will post it.

 The next step will be having you all find me somewhere new. Gee, if I could just sign in to blogger, I could tell you where I am now. Hmmm, too bad about that.



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2 responses to “How do ya like my new home?

  1. Thankfully we can find you through the backdoor of BRF. As an added bonus to getting our reviews in we get to find the whereabouts of Jenn in the blogosphere!! Shannon should advertise!

  2. Kim

    I found ya!!! Love the new blog–don’t you just love wordpress, everything is so easy!!

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