Horray for baby! (who is not yet here but on the way)

So maybe I’m really excited that my friend, Erin is having her baby in the next day or two! You can head on over to her blog and read about her not-so-false-alarm this morning. She called at 3:00am (as I had ordered her to do when the time came) to tell me her water broke and they were heading in to Kentville to get her checked. So, of course, I wanted to jump in the car and go but I have a sick baby at home to rock and cuddle and I was supposed to have little ones to babysit today too. But I cancelled that due to the fact that said sick baby kept me up ALL night and I mean ALL night. Anyway, I managed to drift a little after she called and I dreamed about being there so I guess that’s good enough for now. Since it is now the weekend, I hope to be pulling up residence in the waiting room any time.

So Julia, and others who aren’t in the loop, go read Erin’s blog. Just humor me, I’m excited, ok?


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One response to “Horray for baby! (who is not yet here but on the way)

  1. chewymama

    Just wanted to send some sympathy – my sick little one has had me up most of the night for the last few nights. Hang in there!

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