Let’s play "guess what Jenn had for lunch today"

Answer: Fruit Loops, Pringles and Chocolate milk

These are events I should not admit to but these three little letters make me do strange things: P.M.S. Evil PMS too. It’s one of those days.

Don’t worry, I fed the children a healthy lunch…but not with a smile. I’m glad they are sleeping because I needed to re-group. Hopefully I can be more pleasant when they wake up. The tone of the house was set by me this morning and it’s not their fault they followed right along. I’m going to have to do fun things with them this afternoon to keep them entertained and myself distracted.

I have to try and smarten up before my parents arrive for supper. *Sigh*



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2 responses to “Let’s play "guess what Jenn had for lunch today"

  1. Shannon

    Are you like Erin? Do you put sugar on your fruit loops???
    Here’s a hint for how to get over being grumpy with the girls… pretend the pastor and his wife are watching you. That oughta work! 🙂 (Now I’ll go try my own advice. 🙂 Too funny.

  2. Anonymous

    it’s a good thing the pastor and his wife weren’t watching me today. they would have thought i was nuts while i bawled my eyes out while trying to understand my dad explain how my line of credit works. i hope your afternoon was better than your morning 🙂

    (it won’t let me log on and leave a comment. grrr.)

    ~erin, the girl who DOES put a sprinkle of sugar on her fruitloops and you can all get over it 🙂

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