Playing outside is fun

Well it’s finally warm and dry enough so that we can play outside! Chloe is old enough now to negotiate the lumps in the yard and not trip every five seconds 🙂 Here she is proudly holding onto a golf ball that she found. “Galf,” she says.

She looks so little in her layers of purple and pink…that probably has something to do with the fact that she IS indeed short. Apparently she is in the 50th percentile for her size at this age. Oh well, that’s no surprise to me.

I’m going to try and get my review up later today or this evening.



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3 responses to “Playing outside is fun

  1. Charmin

    can’t imagine where a golf ball came from.

  2. Alli

    50th percentile is perfect! “Normal”. It means she’s of “average” height.

    She’s a cutie! And looks so cozy. Can you believe we’ve been in short sleeves for a few weeks now?:)

  3. Jenn

    I guess you’re right Alli…I never thought of it that way. 50th percentile IS normal. I guess I wanted her to be in the 90th for everything… it’s my competitive edge. tee hee.

    I wish we were in short sleeves… although today it was close. We’re getting there.

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