Ruth Chisholm

Today was her funeral. She was my primary teacher in school. Not only was she my very first school teacher but she was also a great Christian woman that attended the same church as my family when I was growing up. Her daughter Heather was my favorite babysitter when I was little so I think alot of this family. If any of you knew Mrs. Chisholm you would remember that she had the best laugh ever šŸ™‚

I wasn’t sad today at the funeral. I feel bad for the family, she will be missed because she was only 68 when she died and her youngest grandchild isn’t old enough to have the great memories everyone else has of her. But even they didn’t seem sad because they know she is with Jesus now. I got to thinking about how blessed we are to be saved by grace. To know that even though I totally stink at living this earthly life, I have something awesome to look forward to. It made me think that I really need to focus more on eternity. I spend WAY too much time focusing on the piddly things of this world and being selfish. I really do, and it’s not worth it. I want to be like Mrs. Chisholm was when she was here…even in her last days when she was full of pain and could barely stand she was telling everyone about God’s grace and mercy.

My friend Darryl died a few years ago and he was my age. I try to imagine what it must be like for Mrs. Chisholm to get to heaven and see Darryl already there waiting for her and welcoming her too. They had a great teacher/student relationship both because of school and church. That’s the stuff that brings tears to my eyes as I sit here. I like to imagine what heaven is like. I love thinking about all the people that will be there when we get there. I wonder what questions I’ll ask them and what they’ll tell me about heaven. But most of all I wonder what it’ll be like to see Jesus there, waiting for me, welcoming me. It’s almost too much to think about. I can only imagine…(sing it, you know you want to)

I want to live a life more worthy of that free gift God gave me. And my real prayer tonight is that I wake up feeling this same way I do today. I have a nasty habit of letting the world make me forget…but I don’t want to forget.

Well Mrs. Chisholm, I’ll see you again someday and I will tell you how special you were to this little scared five year old on the very first day of school šŸ™‚



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2 responses to “Ruth Chisholm

  1. Charmin

    I didn’t know your Mrs. Chisholm, but after reading this I feel like I might have missed out on something. : )

  2. Kim

    Jenn, that was an absolutely beautiful tribute. I only met Ruth a few months ago, but I could just tell that she was a wonderful woman. When I read her obituary, my first thought was that she is now free of pain. While I’m sad for her family, how wonderful it is that they KNOW they will see her again.

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